First Post – Happy December

I’ve been contemplating for a while now whether or not I want to start a blog. I thought I’d start one in January, but then I realized I won’t be here at the start of the New Year. Were going for a nice long honeymoon to the Maldives and will arrive back in Tokyo on January 8th.

Better start this blog December 1st then. For some reason this blog says its November though. HUMPH!

Well, I’ll start off with the recent news. I got married! Yes, I know I’m young, but I know I found the man I want to be with forever and ever. It’s been 2 months since our wedding celebration and almost 3 months of being officially married.

We’ve been ever so lazy in sending off thank you cards to all our guests so we’ll have to make sure we accomplish that before our honeymoon.

Other news, I’m training for Tokyo Marathon again this year. This time around I think I built a good base to work from. I’m doing more mileage then I ever remember doing in my life. That’s either a bad thing as the marathon is way off at the end of Feb or its a good thing.
I’ll post more in detail of my training in future posts. This week I didn’t start it off well as far as running. I think the 32k over Sun made me tired and bored of running. I’m taking 2 days off which my dear hubby told me I should avoid. Well….hopefully this won’t become a weekly habit.


3 thoughts on “First Post – Happy December

  1. randomgoods says:

    nyahaha! First comment!
    Awesome socks Meg! and about time! haha. Now we be updated whether or not you're in the country 🙂
    Life is good.
    You'll be good on the marathon, I have faith in you!

  2. Chacha says:

    oh yay!! a blog, now we can keep up to date with you:) niiiice.

    btw, I love that photo of you and Motozo on your wedding look smashing, I love the dress you chose!!! wish i could have been there to see for myself. sob.

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