Yoga For Runners (Athletes)

I teach a yoga class every Sat. It’s called “Yoga for Runners”. It ends up being more of a Yoga for Athletes class as I get a few triathletes etc. But at the end of the day… is for everyone and the name is just to make the athletes feel like they are in good hands. And they are!
Being that I’m (at least I consider myself to be) an avid runner, I understand where runners need the most stretching and strengthening.
Its been an interesting experience teaching. It’s much harder then I expected, but I always finish the class feeling wonderful and my students are absolutely great.
I’ve experienced first hand on how beneficial yoga has been to my running as well.
Its funny that people think yoga as basically just stretching. It is stretching, but if done with intensity and awareness, the poses are very strengthening and at the end of a session, you’ll get a whole body workout.
I think everyone should do yoga!

My favorite pose (at the moment. it always changes) is headstand.


2 thoughts on “Yoga For Runners (Athletes)

  1. Lil says:

    hey! you have a blog now whoopie! Love the pic, Headstand is pretty intense, would love to see you do it one day

  2. It's actually not so intense.
    You could do it with a little support.

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