Tis the season to be jolly – and have soup.

Right as I was happily realizing that I’ve lasted pretty long into the cooler season without catching a cold – I caught a cold.

I wondered why I caught a cold as I feel pretty healthy. I’m careful with what I eat, staying away from too much sugar, eating my usual diet of lots of fruits and veggies, taking my multi-vitamins, and I haven’t been working as hard as I was earlier this year. Which means, I’ve been sleeping more and dealing with generally less stress .
I think it has something to do with my running. I dress in layers now and no matter if its quite cool outside, I’ll get warm and will sweat. I continue to run in slightly damp sweaty clothes so I eventually get chilled, especially if my run lasts longer then an hour.

Whatever the reason, I’ll try to prevent it from turning into a more serious cold by taking Echinacea and have more garlic.
Last night I made a lovely soup that had lots of garlic, but didn’t taste too garlicky. I usually just use whatever ingredients I have in the fridge.

This time I used:

red onion
red lentils
vegetable bouillon for flavor

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It tasted much better then it looked and I have to use my keitai for photos as we still haven’t gotten ourselves a camera.

Last winter I made soup often and I remember it being purple because I always had eggplant in my fridge for some reason.

If anyone has any lovely vegan soup recipes, please share!


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