Good-bye MyGym

Today was my last day at MyGym. MyGym has been the longest job I’ve kept, 2 whole years! I actually feel quite proud of what I’ve accomplished there and helped to create.
A little history of MyGym. MyGym is a children’s fitness facility which predominately teaches gymnastics. It originated in the States and now is almost all over the world.
There are 2 branches in Tokyo, and I can proudly say that I helped start both of them.
Through this job I’ve meant so many interesting and lovely people and made wonderful friends that I feel very grateful to the company. Of course. there were stressful times, like any job, but I do have great memories and warm feelings for my time there.
I think when I become a mother I would diffidently like to enroll my child there. It’s great place for mothers to make friends and of course, beneficial for children as well.

This is the gym in Hiroo (the other one is in Futako-Tamagawa). As you can see, its a FUN FUN place for children. Ballpit, rockwall, swings, slides, trapeze, high-bar, you name it, we got it!

The gym is open 7 days a week so we basically work in shifts. This is the Friday shift. These 2 lovely ladies Mio and Chie have been my Friday team! They totally rock and even though Friday has the most classes (not to mention the heaviest kids! Oh, yeah we do a lot of lifting), its really the most fun day of the week and I think it really has to do with how wonderful these 2 are to work with. Today my boss surprised me with cake right as I was about to leave the gym. There go my vegan efforts out the window! The cake was great though. Very sweet of them to do a mini farewell. They decided not to do a big farewell dinner for me because they are expecting me to come back.
Then the girls and I went out for some healthy macrobiotic dinner afterwards. We look tired and that can’t be helped from our busy day. Oh, I’m going to miss everyone!

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