The day before Oxfam.

The forecast for tomorrow is…….RAIN! This is what we all dreaded. We got a little taste of how our hike will be from last weeks hike. We walked through mud mud mud and I still have not been able to get the mud off of the shoes. At least the shoes dried up, but I’m going to have to accept that my feet will get wet in the first hour of the hike. My family can sympathize with me how nasty wet feet feels. I hate stepping on a wet floor or even walking around at the pool where the floor is all damp….ew!
I’m going to try out the old method of tying my feet in plastic bags before putting them into the shoes. Hopefully, I won’t slip and slide too much inside the shoes as the next nasty thing would be blisters.

But I will survive! With wet feet, clothes, and cold weather…I will be survive!

Even if I get blisters, fall on my ass in the mud, get so cranky with lack of sleep and sick of eating nuts and onigiri’s…..I will survive!

This will be the BEFORE shot. I’ll see how genki I look at the end of this journey. Wish me luck!
Now to go pack my bags.

PS. Pay no attention to the underwear like clothing hanging on the door handle. Motozo and I always hang around our workout clothes on the door handles. That’s Motozo’s swimming trunks.


3 thoughts on “The day before Oxfam.

  1. Lil says:

    LOL paying no attention at all to the underwear until u mentioned it!! 😛
    You will survive!!! even through horrible damp feet! UGH remember how jo, you and I were discussing this at great length. What about rain boots?? 😀 Or those big trekking/hiking type of shoes? timberland thingys…
    You look really cute btw, did you do hair back to black?

  2. Mia says:

    LOL, sorry Meg, underwear was ALL I COULD SEE!—joking.
    Best best best of luck. It's so unfortunate the weather is wet… where would runners be without wicking socks?

  3. Yep, I went back to dark hair. I can't believe that the last time I went to the hair dresser was before my wedding…that was 6 months ago. A recent photo of me showed that I was in desperate need of a hair cut and dye.

    Yeah, the weather was bad! Rain and snow for almost the entire hike (we calculated 28hours of our 32 hour hike was rain)! I will blog about that soon once I collect all the photos that were taken.

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