Golden Week FUN!

Oh, how I love holidays! I believe the last holiday we had was our honeymoon. Of course, I can’t really complain about the holidays being few being that I’m not spending 8-9 hours at a company unlike dear hubby. In a way, Japanese school is sort of like work though. I still have to wake up at a reasonable hour (5:30AM if I want to get a workout in) and leave home at 8AM. Then when I get home I have a few hours of homework and study to do.
I’m pretty stress free apart from the occasional kanji dilemma and Japanese speeches I have to write on a weekly basis….but, I have a good life.

Our GW started off with beer and cake. Our (Moto and I) dear friend, Keren, had his 50th birthday and we were there to celebrate along with Namban Rengo. I met Keren in our running club a few years back and he never fails to impress me. This guy has a full time job as a hotel manager, but finds time to train like there’s no tomorrow. He’s an amazing runner/triathlete, who fought skin cancer and came back fitter then ever! He loves how he can lap Motozo on the track now. Of course, Moto doesn’t like that, but he forgives him being that he did such a great job as a wedding “prist”.
Happy Birthday Old Bastard (the cake says)

The wig went around to everyone. Ignore the mumble jumble. I screwed something up when posting photos and I can’t fix it.
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The next day we were off to the beach, Shimoda! We try to make a few trips down there over summer. This was an early trip because not only was the weather LOVELY, but we also have friends who moved down there a couple months ago and had a baby so we went to visit them.
We were stuck in traffic for quite a bit. But I guess thats expecting being GW and all.

But we got to see some great views along the way.

We had a fun barbecue that night, but wasn’t able to take any photos successfully in the dark. I’ve become quite the wine drinker though. I drank more then I usually do.

The next morning we were up bright and earlier and met a running friend for a little run. We ran to a light house which also offered beautiful views! I’m so happy that I can run now. I ran both days that we were down there and I’m pleased that I still have my cardiovascular strength, although my legs get tried after an hour or so. I’m working on getting my running body back.

That afternoon, Motozo played tennis with our hosts. I don’t know how to play tennis, so I was the umpire instead. I had a little tall chair and everything. Of course, the players were correcting my counting every so often. Its funny, tennis has a different point system. Its not just 1,2,3. Its something like: 15,30,40….anyway.

The problem with me having a camera, means no photos are taken of me unless I take them of myself…haha. Motozo hardly even brings his camera because he knows I’ll take mine and doesn’t bother to take any for me…HUMP!

Introducing, Izumi, our host’s 5 month baby. I bought that toy for her when she was first born. It’s getting used very well!

The last day we were there we had the best weather and clearest water I’ve ever seen in Shimoda. The locals were taking full adavantage of it!

Ah, Shimoda…we’ll see you again soon.


3 thoughts on “Golden Week FUN!

  1. Lil says:

    fuuunn! That cake looks yum 🙂 You look great pegs! I always have to take pics of myself too..these boys never want to accommodate vanity! grr..the little 5 month old girl is so cute, she looks really busy chewing on that thing. I never thought water there could be so beautiful!

  2. The cake wasn't too bad actually for being a Costco cake.
    The water was especially beautiful that day. Shimoda has some really great beaches! Have you ever been there?

  3. Maruko168 says:

    hello meg! how have you been? long time no talk? having lots of fun with doing yoga..good neh! good luck for all then! have a nice one! alan

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