A Yoga Moment

I finally tested out my yoga socks! I think I bought these last summer and ended up not using them.
I didn’t want to actually use socks while doing yoga in the summer. These are purely for times when a yoga mat is not available. So I’m going to start bringing them with me when we take trips.
They’ve got little grippers on the bottom so technically I can do yoga anywhere, without a mat. How convineant eh? I was quite happy with the socks. My foot looks monstrous from this angle!

My Crow Pose

I found some photos from last years yoga class I went to. It’s called Acro Yoga or flying yoga. It fun and playful! Requires some major core action! That’s also the studio that I teach at on Saturdays.

Another happy customer! Our pull-up contraption is getting put to good use. I use it about twice a week and Moto without fail does it daily when he comes back from work. Pull ups to relieve stress from work. Maybe he should be called “Stress Reliever” or Moto’s idea was, “Dexter” haha. We love that show!

4 thoughts on “A Yoga Moment

  1. Lil says:

    hhaha your feet from that angle! why do feet change shape and size from different angles!!! LOL Love those photos in yoga class of you, you make those poses look like a breeze! We were doing p90x just yesterday and we were doing all these twist prayer pose (I do a very modified version of course) and we were laughing at how horrible we are and I just remembered how you must teach this stuff do it every day and be soo fit!! so proud of you! Good to see the bar put to use – dexter is the best show! We also really like breaking bad – it's like a movie!

  2. Yay for you and Maxim doing yoga! I have p90x yoga too. I haven't done it in ages though.
    Well, I'm not as fit as you think. I was just telling Motozo how I feel like Im a bad teacher since I don't do yoga as often as I should. Ah, well…..I try my best.
    Breaking bad? I haven't heard of it. I'm going to go do a google search for that now.

  3. Joanna says:

    Ah Meg, you make Yoga look so fun, and like Lils says, it looks like a breeze!
    I've got two Yoga videos, but I've only done it once or twice. I felt like a weirdo being placed in such strange positions for longer than a second! ha!
    I've been working out more though. I enjoy the dancing type of exercise videos. I'm going to try and start jogging here and there too, because I get bored of videos so easily, and the weather is also getting really beautiful and I want to be outside. 🙂

  4. Mia says:

    I've never done any yoga but from your pics it looks fun to try. You look so cute. Motozo is tall eh? Our chin-up has almost two feet between the bar and ceiling, haha. I broke our stationary bike the other day 😦 so I'd like to start jogging too if Gabe isn't too tired to keep an ear out for Raiden in the early mornings.

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