My Darling is A Triathlete

Another weekend at the beach. This time we traveled on an over night ferry to Niijima.
“Niijima (新島?) is a volcanic island in the Izu Islands and administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan, that lies south of Tokyo and east of the Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka prefecture.” From good ol’ Wikipedia.
It’s a beautiful place with hardly any automobiles which makes pollution close to zero. This was a special trip because it’s Motozo’s first Triathlon of the year. He did it last year, but because of work, I couldn’t join him. So this was also my first time to the Island.
I’m not a huge fan of boats and as I expected, I got sick despite it being a huge ferry. But we got to see views of other Islands.
Here’s Oshima, we’ll be going there next month for another Triathlon event.

We also traveled with 25 other racer friends so it was quite festive.
We arrive at 8:30 in the morning and promptly went to our Minshuku for breakfast. Leng Leng and I went for a little jog to explore the Island while the triathletes got their bike together and prepped up for the race.

Strange things like this are all over the Island.

The athletes were blessed with beautiful clear skies and ocean. It was a little windy though and everyone was concerned how that would affect them on the bike.

Motozo, getting his bike ready.

The gang! Pumped for the race.

Keren and Motozo at the start line.

The gun goes off and off they go!

Motozo finishing his swim. Still smiling….good sign!

On to the bike!

Speedy man!
The final part of the race! The run! Started getting warm at this part and the first 2k or so are uphill, but he was such a trooper!

Others enjoyed the hill as well.

Goal! He did pretty damn well considering that he didn’t have much time to train this year. So proud of my baby!

Happy Finishers. Otsukaresama!

Every time I see a Triathlon I’m so impressed with everyone! It takes so much preparation for this kind of race! They have to train for 3 sports; swim, bike and run. Training for a running race is hard enough work for me, so I can’t imagine adding the other 2. I always say,”Some day I’ll do one.” but I don’t know…..I think for now I’ll just enjoy being a supporter/spectator.

The next day I borrowed a little mama-charin from the minshuku and we spent a couple of hours exploring the Island.
I went for a little jog, while Motozo rode his bike to get a little lactic acid out of his legs.

We had time left to visit a glass museum and have a sushi(veggie sushi for me) lunch before catching our plane back to Tokyo.

I was SO happy we got a plane back rather then an 8hr ferry ride! I didn’t want to leave the Island though. It was so peaceful and beautiful!

I just realized this blog is becoming just an album. Ah, hell…thats not a bad thing. haha.


4 thoughts on “My Darling is A Triathlete

  1. Lil says:

    ohhh well done motozo! that's crazy, what I don't get is how you keep up with him to take the photos? Do you just know where he'll be next and take short cuts 🙂

    So fun having photos to see, you both look so great. And the island looks beautiful!

  2. Haha, yeah, I know the racing course and its usually loops around a certain area. Swim 2 laps in the water, bike 3 laps, run 2 laps in a different place then the bike. It's roughly all in the same area so I can easily jog around to the spots. Its pretty tiring though because I too am on my feet, running around the entire time he's racing. So by the end of the day my feet were sore and at the after-party I told Motozo I wanted a chair (it was a stand up party) so he found me a chair. Haha, it should been the other way around.

  3. Joanna says:

    Haha, that's soo cute! (you needing the chair) soo sweet!!

    Hey, remember when we did that wedding modeling job when we were just little kiddies? We were the ring girls and Meg was so sick the whole time. Poor thing. I was enjoying the food they served and being on a big ferry for the first time. But poor Meg kept making trips to the bathroom and just lying down most of the time. I felt so bad for you and remember wanting to stick around you in case “you needing my help”. Ha!

    Motozo! Congrats!

  4. Yeah, I remember that! Even after they give me medication to prevent motion sickness I still got sick. I don't remember there being food! There was food? I just remember how bad I felt haha. You were so kind..I do remember you being next to me and making sure I was ok.

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