Ramblings of running

I don’t feel like I have my running groove back, but I’m pretending I do and amazingly, I’m seeing great results!
I’m back to running 4-5x a week now, but even though I don’t have my weekly mileage back to where it used to be, I’m running surprisingly strong. I find it interesting to see how I’ve evolved as a runner.
At first I could hardly do 30mins, then for about a year I was stuck at 45min mark. Until my friend took me on a slow 2 hour run. I never felt so tired, but I loved that feeling of going and going for hours. Ever since then (almost 3 years ago), my typical run is a little longer then an hour…and 30min well, it just doesn’t cut it any more. I’ve gotten stronger thats for sure, but mentally, I always had the mindset that I wanted to get my run finished and over with. Thus, I always woke up early to do a run before the day started. I still do that, but instead of thinking of getting my run finished with, I run now because I WANT to run and I’m thoroughly disappointed that I don’t have enough time to go over an hour in the mornings these days. My body craves running and I feel wonderful when I’m finished.
Sometimes I’m embarrassed because I know I don’t look like a runner. I’m not one of them gaunt cheeked, long limb runners. You want someone who looks like a runner…look at my husband. Zero percent body fat!
Just recently I was having beer and wine with Motozo’s colleagues on a Friday night. They were talking about how Motozo’s training is so impressive and how they could never imagine doing that. Motozo mentioned that I also run and well….that information went through one ear and out the other. People don’t look at me and think runner, but I’m starting to make peace with it.
I know I can run and that’s all that matters.
I’ve come to really appreciate what my body can do and has done for me. So this year, rather then trying to prove myself as a runner, I’m going to run as a gift to myself. No more being embarrassed each time I go into a running shop. No more thinking that the clerk is looking at me like jogger (there’s a difference between a jogger and a runner!). No more excuses about me not being a serious runner, because Goddammit I am!

Oops, is this photo too large? Looks like I’ve got a big head haha.


One thought on “Ramblings of running

  1. Lil says:

    hahaha um I don't think ANYONE looks like an official runner, probably because I've never been around the “type”. Just like ppl I assume don't look like their hobbies or career (ok maybe bikers look like bikers haha) I don't see any difference and only tell when someone puts on the getup like spats and head bands, as long as they don't look obese and flabby lol. Anyway you don't want to look like one, if gaunt hallow cheeks is the criteria, the best is when you look fit and stylin yet you can break out those moves when you need to. Unexpected and unpredecitable. Nothing more boring then a banker who looks like a banker, or a designer who looks like one. You look awesome and amazing to hear you can run for 2 hours and actually like it – you're crazy 😛

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