Island Series #2

Dear Hubby did another Triathlon event yesterday.

Motozo trained hard for this race and was in good shape for it. We took a quick taxi ride to Takeshiba Pier and hoped on a jet boat for a faster then expected ride to Oshima. We both fell asleep instantly when the boat took off so we were pleasantly surprised to be waken up 2 hours later with the announcement that we arrived.

2 years ago Motozo did this race as well, so this was both our 2nd time to the island. You can read details with pictures from his blog here

We soon realized we also booked the same hotel as last time (we totally forgot the name of the place so we didn’t recognize it until we arrived at the hotel).

The lovely thing about this race is that it doesn’t start until 1:30pm. Most races start at the latest 10AM and also on a Sun. But this one is on Saturday so it makes out to be a really nice weekend.

We arrived at our hotel at 11pm and as Motozo put his bike together and racing gear in order I went out for a run. It was so beautiful and scenic. There was a great running path along the ocean which also the running part of the race. It was great to see where Motozo will be doing the run.

Unfortunately, it was extremely warm at about 27 degrees. My initial plan was to run 30mins out and 30mins back, but I was feeling so good I ran 40mins out, but on my way back I started regretting that I went that far out. There was a pretty strong wind going against me on the way back and zero shade apart from my running cap and I started feeling a little bit of heatstroke coming on with a headache and dizziness. I couldn’t imagine what Motozo will have to deal with because by the time he started his run it’ll be well into the hottest time of the day.

I made it back to the hotel just in time to put on a fresh pair of clothes and run out to the start line to see Motozo off for the swim.


See if you can regognize Motozo adjusting his goggles.

Fearlessly jumping into the water as the gun went off.

I got another wave of worry for him seeing how high the waves were. The wind caused the water to be quite rough and many people dropped out of the race just a few minutes into the swim. But Motozo said that he actually really enjoyed the swim. It was an adventure and he liked bobbing up and down with the waves….haha, the fish! There was I was on shore worried sick about him while he’s out there having a grand ol’ time. But because of the conditions they shorted the swim distance which was kind of a disappointment for Motozo since he wanted the official distance.

Finishing his swim strong and running up to his bike.

I wasn’t a good very photographer this day and this was the only shot I managed to get of him that wasn’t blurry or of his back.

Its so hard to take photos of him on the bike because he zooms by so fast. I’ve gotten better at spotting him coming from a distance, but today for some reason I was too slow with the camera. But I also was distracted because I had great company of Serena who’s husband was also racing. We were chatting away on our girly topics and then zoom….our husbands would fly by on the bikes and we’d manage to just get a shot of them from behind haha.

And then it was on to the run. Again I wasn’t successful with the photos, but I do like this shot of him. He looks like he’s having a great time….or as I like to think…he’s happy to see me. 🙂

Coming into the finishing line strong.

I also didn’t manage to get a shot of him at the finish and there was a terrible back light from the sun so even if I got a shot it wouldn’t have been so great anyway (I keep telling myself this to feel less guilty).

OTSUKARESAMA love. He did great! Fishing at 2 hours 23mins. 5mins faster then 2 years ago when he did it. He complains that its not an official time since the swim was shorten, but even if the swim wasn’t shorten, he still would have gotten very close to the time that he wanted.

After the race we went to a great outdoor onsen and a few racers said they weren’t feeling well. Almost everyone got sun burned somewhere or another and Motozo looked particularly tired at the awards ceremony/dinner. But he still made sure I had something to eat.

He’s pointing out here that I should stand in front of the fruit platter as that was pretty much the only thing (besides tiny sandwiches) that I could eat.

These dinners that are organized by the race are always these elaborate dinners with too much protein and not enough carbs for hungry racers. Even though I can only eat the fruit in this picture, I know someone (LILS?) will admire this buffet of seafood.

And that’s a wrap of our weekend.


3 thoughts on “Island Series #2

  1. nice photos, nice write-up, great weekend…thank you honey! Go here to see the motozo version:

  2. that was motozo above!

  3. Lil says:

    lol yeah I thought it was strange meg commenting on her own post LOL…great pics you took pegs, and congrats motozo – you swim/bike/run a good race! You managed to get him on all 3 and you're right…the buffet looks amazing – drooooool!! beautiful place too!

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