Wine, soccer and brownies.

So African wine…..I’m still not 100% sure I like it. There was about 4-5 different selections of red wine and 1 sparkling wine.
Motozo and I love sparkling, so we started the evening off with a glass of that. It was lovely. Sparkling wine/Champagne never fails!
The buffet had only 1(!) thing I could eat. Edamame. And the rest of the menu was meat, fish, and risoto with of course bacon. A kind waiter took pity on me and gave me a veggie pasta on the house. Very nice of him, even though I felt I kind of deserved it since it was quite expensive just to attend this wine tasting event.
Anyway, back to the wine. I’m not huge on red wine. I’m very very picky about it and it needs to be quite fruity, but not too sweet or too dry. My first glass of red (sorry, I don’t remember the name of it) was a little disappointing and I hardly managed to finish half the glass. I stuck with the sparkling for the rest of the evening haha….so much for wine tasting. Motozo enjoyed the red wines more then me, but he still prefers white wine.
This was good for Motozo and I, because we’ve been wondering where we should go in France for the wine tasting. I think we both are veering much more to visiting Champagne then the other red wine areas. We have to decide where to go pretty soon so we can plan our trip so if anyone has any advice on which part of France is best for wine tasting let me know!

On Sat I took a 3 hour yoga workshop. It was so hot and very hard to not slip on the yoga mat due to me sweating profusely. I must say……I was quite irritated by the heat and didn’t feel as refreshed from a yoga class as I usually do. This is the very reason I find Hot Yoga just unbearable. They say sweating is a sign of good health. The more fit you are, the better circulation you have. Good circulation means the body is able to cool itself down more efficiently by sweating. But sweat for me is just troublesome. If you’re one of those people that don’t sweat very much….consider yourself lucky. And if you are one of those people who sweat…I know how you feel!

After yoga Motozo and I met up with friends at a bar to watch the Japan VS Holland soccer game. I don’t have much to say about the game….
For one, I’m not a huge fan of soccer. But I was hoping Japan would win and of course it ended up being both depressing and a boring game with there being only 1 point made by Holland. BOOO!
Tell me…how did soccer become so popular? Kill me if you like, but *YAWN* that’s how I feel about it. But it was great fun shouting NIPPON (clap clap clap) to the irritation of the 2 Holland fans in the bar.

Sunday, we went to nice house party to celebrate Oxfam Trailwalker. We threw ourselves a belated congratulatory party which kind Mary hosted at her house. We had burrito’s and I made my vegan brownies for dessert. Everyone was full from the burrito’s so my brownies didn’t exactly disappear how I imagined them too.. haha. Perhaps it was actually due to my lazy cooking style…I didn’t care to make them look all perfectly square like brownies should….but hell, they tasted good! And I feel damn proud of myself for baking on a Sunday morning! Mental note: Work on presentation a bit more next time.

We each retold our best and worst time in our 100k trailwalk and Peter presented us with our finishers certificate and framed photo of our finish for the 4 of us. So kind of him! A photo somehow seems more special when it’s framed.
We talked about doing it again for sure next year. But I still have my heart set on doing it in a different country next time…..we’ll see, we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Wine, soccer and brownies.

  1. Lil says:

    yes do oxfam in aus next?! (I'm sure they have it here!) and congratulations again, I'm also not a fan of red wines and like the light fresh dry/fruitiness of whites. Here everyone seems to know their grapes and varieties and what goes with what. All I know is white goes with fish/seafood, reds go with meat/heavier flavours (good you don't eat meat anyway :)) and that merlot is the red wine I can pretty much do in bulk as it's more mild than savingion for instance. No idea about france but champagne sounds nice…there was this one place they went in amazing race that also looked amazing and less “commercial” than champagne (don't remember french names at all)

    Those brownies look delish!! Screw presentation, a chocolate brownie is a chocolate brownie and those look really moist and fluffy! omnomnom

    Now you make me want chocolate brownie 😦

  2. Mia says:

    lol, lil, you got serious crave-issues, lol. Gabe always thought I was “faking it” when they came out of blue. But those brownies do look really yum! Next time someone complains about your presentation just say you've thoughtfully made both big and small pieces, lol.
    I don't drink any alcohol so I've no idea about where to go wine tasting but I know that Loire Valley the place to go for the history and architecture. The kings of France used to live there and wine fit for the kings must be pretty good, right?

  3. 花 Hana says:

    It's hot yoga ALL the time here. All they have to do is just turn off the AC and the outside temp is enough to make us sweat tons. I ALWAYS do and I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable but I just try to think of the cleansing it's doing me – getting all the toxins out…and always have a huge towel provided by my studio to soak it all up!
    I've got into football recently because Craig is into it. Feel I should take an interest, although I don't know much about tactics and the game to be honest. I just like supporting Japan as an identity thing! I don't want anything to do with the England team. They're crap at the moment!…
    I recommend the south of France not just for the wine but for the sheer beauty of it. It's stunning.

  4. I remember Vietnam heat! Did I tell you that we went to Saigon Yoga studio while we were there briefly? With the window's open and a little fan blowing in the room….it still felt over 40. The great thing was that we didn't have to take care of our mats afterward. Apparently, they wash the mats because of all the sweating haha.

    Yeah, majority of people seem to be saying the south of France is great. We have to stay on the eastern side though since we have a wedding to attend there. So it'll probably be Champagne, if we have time Burgundy and Lorraine. Then we want to see if we have time to visit Luxembourg and Germany. we might be packing a little too much in a 2 weeks…….

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