Celebrity runner

I’m not a die hard fan of any particular celebrity, but I am quite fond of Renee Zellweger for the very reason that she’s a serious runner.
Recent news of her shows her running through Paris and depending on the site and writer its either, “Rene Zellewger, keeping her weight down by running!” or “Die hard fitness enthusiast runs on Holiday!” or this one http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1286571/Renee-Zellweger-sprints-Paris-Bradley-Cooper-promotes-A-Team.html

For people who aren’t into running, I can understand this is probably a boring thing to post about, but I wanted to ask what you thought of her legs?
There was one site where people posted comments that were a little negative and it bothered me. They were saying her legs were too muscular, not sexy or feminine (alright, I don’t think Rene is drop dead gorgeous or anything, but from a runners point of view, she looks healthy and in INCREDIBLE shape!), and that she should relax a little and workout less because she looks too muscular.
Alright, people are entitled to their opinions and at least some people said she looked better as Bridget Jones with a fuller figure. Thats better then saying she looks better slimmer. (the link above shows photos of her legs looking more muscular then the photo above)

When I first saw a photo of her running, I thought…hey I have legs kind of like that. Not as nice of course, ok, no where near! But they are muscular and certainly not what you call SLIM. You can say muscular and lean, but you won’t see any knobbly knees on me.
So for people to say that her legs look too muscular and unfeminine….we’ll, of course that bothered me because I saw some resemblance. I know, silly silly of me.

Anyway, I just felt like ranting a bit. I don’t like when people say fitness enthusiast should relax or think that are running for weight lost, because running (although very beneficial for keeping the weight down) is something most runners do because they want to. It becomes part of your life and most runners schedule their days,months and years around running. I think its silly that people see Rene running and think she’s running to stay slim. She’s running because she’s a runner, she loves running and that’s that!

On a totally different topic…..I did my first proper chin up today. No little stool to push off of.
I was feeling so proud of myself and was going to blog about this until I went on Facebook and saw Cha’s post how she managed 5 pull ups!
Well, my 1 chin up suddenly seemed insignificant haha. But hey, I worked hard for that chin up so I’m going to pat myself on the back for being able to do 1 chin up. If I can do 1 I can do 2 soon enough!
Good work Cha and tell me your secrete for strong arms that doesn’t require a baby to carry around all day. šŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Celebrity runner

  1. Lil says:

    haha chinups are hard!!! I remember you were really good at them before, and generally climbing poles and such. maybe it's all that weight of your big fat legs :P:P

    I never pay attention to legs so it's interesting to see your analysis lol. her legs in the photo above look…just slim to me, not muscley at all?! you don't want flab that's all I know

  2. 花 Hana says:

    I'd kill for a long pair of legs like that šŸ˜‰

  3. Mia says:

    Congrats on your chin-up! I just did my first too, a few months ago. Feels good, like I'm supa-strong..lolol.
    I think her legs look fit and lean. I'm actually surprised her hamstrings aren't larger, but then I don't really know what a runner's legs look like. If her thighs were smaller I'd say slim. But those critics are comparing her with a standard model figure, no? If she's running, they should be comparing her to runners. It's ignorant to say her legs look unfeminine because guys and girls muscle tone and fat distribution is quite different.

  4. Chacha says:

    hahaha, Meg, ur tougher than you think and definitely not less than me. I talked to joe and he told me I was doing Chin-ups with whole time too.
    so here's to the both of us managed to pull them off!! hehehehe.
    and one day pull ups!

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