Married life and movies

After going back and forth for weeks on what day is good for both my friend and I…..we finally managed to find a date to watch SATC 2!
We were lucky to get tickets yesterday because every Wednesday its Ladies Day and some theaters give a discount for tickets. We got great seats for only Y1000 at Roppongi Hills Toho’s Cinema.
I didn’t have any great expectations for the movie because I didn’t really like the 1st movie and read some bad reviews on the 2nd. But I ended up really liking it. It’s just for entertainment and eye candy for clothes and shoes. There were many moments where I was thinking “Gosh, Carrie is such a drama queen!” and I still don’t understand why she kissed Aiden (sorry, if you haven’t seen the movie then maybe you don’t want to read any further) when she’s still in the honeymoon faze! I certainly can’t imagine kissing anyone but my husband.
Funny thing is, the same issue Carrie was having at home turned out to be almost the exact same for Motozo and I that evening. In the movie Carrie feels like they are turning into a boring couple because they order take out a lot and Big wants to watch TV and veg on the couch rather then go out for dinner or parties.
Yesterday, after the movie I wasn’t feeling so well. I had a little bit of anxiety trying to book our flights to France because of some issue with the credit cards etc. By evening I had a bad headache and my temperature felt higher then usual. Motozo came home in a great mood and was feeling very spontaneous and suggested we ride our bikes down to the running track and meet everyone for a drink or go out for dinner and I was not up for that. I felt too tired and ill to go out and I ended up vegging on the couch and Motozo went out by himself. We gad a good laugh about it when he got back. But at least neither one of us feel like were becoming a boring couple. We have a good social life and are pretty busy over the weekends, so nothing to worry about.
Anyway, the movie was fun and if you liked the series then its worth watching the movie. I wonder if they will make a 3rd because they seem to be kind of running out of ideas on what to do. Everyone is getting older. Menopause and children issues……
If they do make a 3rd Movie, I just hope they keep in the city next time.

I’m enjoying my time as a housewife right now. I can’t really say I’m doing much housework or anything like that, but I like that I can do the preparation for our trips (usually Motozo did everything) and I have time now to finally get around to studying for my drivers license. I’m very sorry Maria for borrowing your books for ages! I’m spending 2-3 hours a day now with the books and I’m hoping to get my license this month or next.
I’m really dying for a pet, a dog in particular, and Motozo thinks I need to go back to work if I’m thinking about pets haha. I visited a friend this week who just got a baby Chihuahua and gosh it was so cute! But Motozo can’t imagine getting a small dog. What is it with men and big dogs?
I’m trying to persuade him that a dog might be really good for us to see how good we’ll be at this whole parenting thing….but to no avail! He thinks children first then pets…ah, well… the mean time I’ll just keep visiting this little guy.


5 thoughts on “Married life and movies

  1. Lil says:

    Oh ugh, my entire comment was erased! It was like a page long!!

    Said something like you should totally get a little dog because if they look anything like that it's toooo cute! But dogs do stop you from going places and holidays. You can't take them out when you guys race over the weekend and can't leave them alone in the house too.

    You start to embrace the boring evenings in and use them to the maximum to get important things done. like commenting on blogs 😉

    Good luck with license! How are you going to drive though cuz you haven't a car?

  2. Mia says:

    I don't like small dogs either, but Lils is right about getting a dog to get used to a kid. Just like kids, you can't take them just anywhere or leave them alone; takes alot from your life and time. When we were cat-sitting it was like having another kid in the house (easier of course).
    Its the opposite with me and Gabe, he's not spontaneous at all so I'm usually the one saying lets go here or there. We have alot of those “boring” evenings but it feels like the day finally began when we're all home together, then again 5's a crowd.
    I love the fashion in SATC too. Although I thought they dressed Samantha so unflattering in pt1.

  3. Yeah, you're right. Traveling will be harder with a dog. It would be sad to always put it in a dog hotel too.

    Yeah, no car. And most likely won't get one until we have a kid. But we rent cars a lot when we travel so Motozo promised me he'll let me practice the next time we rent and I'll go to the driving school for some practice drives.

  4. randomgoods says:

    aww, the little dog is so cute! But yea, pets take up quite a bit of time, not to mention having to take them out on walks when the weather is horrible, and all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a book.
    Good luck with the driving! I want to start studying as well actually..esp now that there's a new mini car in our parking….:)

  5. Chacha says:

    driving is sooo much fun! but I think I'll freak once I try driving in Japan! haha I can't even imagine what it's like, I've become sooo used to this huge space on the roads! heh
    ooh and I so wanna watch SATC 2, I haven't gotten around to it yet, but so far I've been re-watching the old series just for fun! lol
    gambatte with the driving! makes like SOOO much easier

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