Running speed speed speed

I’m inspired to start running a little harder!
Thanks to a running friend Leng Leng who got me to do an interval training on Monday.

What is Interval Training?

“Interval training is defined as a series of repetitions of work with a recovery period following each repetition

Interval training is the keys to running faster. Running long distances alone does not develop the explosive energy systems or the neuromuscular coordination necessary to consistently improve your speed.

During the running period of the interval, lactic acid is produced and a state of oxygen debt is reached. During the recovery period of the interval, the heart and lungs are still stimulated but they re-supplying body with oxygen to help break down the lactic acid.”

So we did 2 mins of sprinting and 1 min of a recovery jog. We did that for a total of 8 times and I thought I was going to puke. Running a leisurely 10-15k doesn’t beat speed training. I think I always train pretty hard, I never go very slow and a usual run for an hour will leave me tired. But interval’s are totally different! To get your heart rate up to the point where you feel your lungs are going to burst and hold it for a certain amount of time increases your speed and is very beneficial for stimulating how you’d feel in the last couple 100meters of a race.
When I’m honest with myself then I admit I’m better at short distance(I like thinking I’m a long distance runner). I prefer half marathon distance (21k), but for me to get faster at that distance it requires heavy heavy running mileage. Last year I got my personal best, beating my last best time by a minute, and I was running almost marathon training mileage. Anyway, it was A LOT of running….for a 1 min improvement.
For short distance on the other hand, without any serious training I can crank out a good 5-10k naturally without much effort.
Motozo keeps telling me I should enter more 5-10k races because I could win 2nd or 3rd place over all or at least win in my age group. But my strength is also my enemy…I absolutely hate 5-10k races!
Why? They are excruciating! There is not one moment where I enjoy it. It requires you to start off fast and hard and keep it for the entire time.
But after the speed training with Leng, I decided I’m going to try giving it a shot. I’m not going to sign up for a race just yet, but I am going to put in the training that will give me good results.
I’ve already done 3 solid runs in a row this week. I’m trying to go for quality over quantity now. It doesn’t matter so much the distance I run now, but rather the intensity I put into the run.

Mon – 25min regular pace run. 24min of hard interval training with Leng. Total running time: 1 hour 17min
Tue – 10k tempo run. Total time: 47min(not bad for a hot and humid evening!)
Wed – 10min warm up. 30min interval training (2min hard, 1min jog 10x). 20min cool down. Total time: 1 hour 5min
Today, Thursday is a running rest day. I’ll do yoga and toning exercises.
Friday – 11.5k with some up and down hill training. Legs sore from last nights yoga class.
Sat or Sun – long slow run.

I’m excited and highly motivated…I hope I can keep it up because now that its very very hot it makes training so much harder. I’ve switched my run from the morning to the evening where it’s a little cooler. The pros about doing this I realized is that I have to be very careful about what I consume throughout the day. I have to eat small portions, but enough to give me energy for the run. I usually finish my run with a strong appetite and I’m eating larger dinners then usual and I think it’s affecting my sleep a little, so that’s the con.
Its hard to find a nice balance……
Anyway, time to get my butt moving…need to go out and do some shopping for my trip next week. I need a good traveling bag and some presents for parents-in-law and Joey and his family. Can’t wait to see everyone!

5 thoughts on “Running speed speed speed

  1. Chacha says:

    you look super cute in that photo, and your butt is a perfect little round ><
    gambatte with the running!! I jog somewhat..and it's such a good way of exercise and let steam off!
    i like a lot

  2. Mia says:

    Whoa, interesting… never heard of 2 min sprint and 1 min jog… sounds intense for the heart.
    Yea, I agree with the cute butt comment, lol.

  3. Hehe, why thank you *blush blush*
    Cha, lets go for a jog when I'm there 😉

  4. Lil says:

    haha agree with the cute butt and cute pic. I love how you say a leisurely 15k …ack! Hope you can put in the hours and up your personal goals. Sounds really difficult and requiring alot of self determination. keep us updated if you enter any 5-10k races, sounds intense!!

    how long you hanging out in canada?!

  5. 3-4 days only. Its a total of 10 days trip including flights 😦
    Wish it could be longer….

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