Cuban night

This post is really just to see if I can successfully upload a movie on this blog.
I think I figured it out. It needs to be less then 2mins long and then it uploads fairly easy.

So, we went to a restaurant Sat night and the theme was Cuban Night. I’m not sure what the traditional Cuban food is, except perhaps Mojito. I’m not huge on strong alcohol, but every now and then I do enjoy a Mojito. The mojitos they were serving though were extra strong. Too much rum and not enough mint leaves. But after 2 glasses, I got used to it and didn’t really care about the taste any more. The wonders of alcohol!
I’m glad no one said we looked like brother and sister. We get that A LOT in public and its starting to get irritating!

We had some great company with some other hapa (half, mixed) friends and there was a live band. Few others and I were more intent on having a conversation, but that was quite hard when the band is just 2-3 feet away from us playing their hearts out.
But after a satisfying meal (special vegan meal for me) and plenty of drinks I was finally able to really appreciate them. This video doesn’t really do them justice. It sounds more like noise then anything, but believe me they were pretty good.
Ended the evening by dancing with a Chinese women to the cheering of all the customers.
As for Motozo, I don’t think he had as great of a time as I did. He was across the table from me surrounded by strangers and you can see from the movie that he’s tired and ready to leave, and I on the other hand was just getting started.
Sorry the lighting is dark.

Anyway, for some reason every Sunday I haven’t been feeling too hot. My body is fatigued and I feel so tired! Last Sunday I was so cranky and irritated by the heat.
This Sunday I was also on the verge of being cranky, so I kept the day as relaxing as possible. Watched TV in the morning and since Motozo had to go to the office, I went out to Shibuya and finally got myself some luggage. Up until this point, I’ve always used Motozo’s cases whenever we travel since he has a few. But I need to get my own anyway, so after basically going out every day to different stores, I finally got one at Tokyu Hands.
What is it with Japanese and their hard case suitcases!? They look so ugly all shinny and you can’t really stuff a lot in because a hard case has its limits.
The selection of non hard cases were few, but I did manage to find what I liked in the end.
Lets hope it fits all my stuff, because I do not know how to travel light!


3 thoughts on “Cuban night

  1. Lil says:

    yum mojitos! The only time I had mojitos was funny enough in a japanese restaurant here with and it was soooo fresh! The vid is fun to watch, great music! and you both look great. You def had something to drink LOLOLOL

    was the food good there?

  2. 花 Hana says:

    Looks like it was a great night out Megu. I LOVE MOJITOS. I've found a bar here in Saigon that does specialy Passion Fruit mojitos. It tops my all time favourite drink of Pina Colada now!

  3. randomgoods says:

    hehe, Pegs is a happy person after a few mojitos :p

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