New York and Toronto trip


2 thoughts on “New York and Toronto trip

  1. Lil says:

    ohhhh fun!Love the pictures and movies. Nice beach in NY too, didn't think they'd have such nice water 🙂 I would be scared to go in big waves like that as well hehe.

    Pic of motozo hugging tree with your shorts on (very disturbing LOLOL) Canada looks beautiful and it's really nice seeing jo and cha and jason in the movies and pics, jason is growing up so fast it's crazy, You look great too and glad to hear it was a good trip. Straight back to work now eh?! seems like good hours though but busy with learning keigo as well…

  2. haha, yes, I know! I wasn't sure if I should be worried that my butt is too big or just except that Motozo has almost the same hip size as me and that doesn't automatically make me fat.
    people were also giving him funny looks because the shorts looked a little TOO short for him ha.

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