Welcome to the world Kanon-chan!

I’ve become an Aunt again! This time to a little girl named Kanon.
Kanon surprised us all when she decided to come exactly on her due date! No one thought it would be on time (when is the baby ever on time eh!?), but she obviously had her own little plan and wasn’t going to deter from the original schedule.
I’ve yet to see her in person or even a photo of her (I will post one as soon as I get one sent to me), but when Rumi and baby get discharged from the hospital on Sat I plan to make a trip to see them on Sun and I’ll take lots of photos then!
I can’t wait to meet her!

I hear Mom and Child are doing very well, of course tired, but healthy. Daddy Jesse is also exhausted as he was up from 1AM then took Rumi to the hospital around 3AM and Kanon arrived around noon today. Otsukaresama everyone!

Happy Birthday Kanon!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the world Kanon-chan!

  1. randomgoods says:

    First pics of Kanon on my blog 😀

  2. Lil says:

    YAY! we're aunties again!! so fun

  3. Chacha says:

    yay! and I'm like a Aunt! so this makes me happy! hahahaha!
    and Jason finally has a cousin! Lils, ur turn sooN!!

  4. Chacha says:

    and not bad for her first baby! about 11 hours total?
    I was 1 am to 10:19 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Whoa, you had it long Cha. Kawaisou! Yes, Jason has a cousin! I hope they get to meet soon.

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