Failed Zucchini sauce – zannen!

I want to start trying out new recipes. Whenever I/we cook we seem to stick to almost the same things each time. Tofu/bean/veggie stir fries and/or cold salads with rice or some sort of grain. Now that its Summer I like having real simple meals, mainly raw veggies and I’ve cut my consumption of tofu down. I used to always add it to veggies as my source of protein, but recently I’ve become a bit turned off by the bad rep tofu is getting. A lot of the soy that we eat is genetically modified and contains a high amount of pesticides. Here’s an article that explains better then I could why soy may not be all that healthy for us. Is Soy Healthy
I still buy organic soy milk and enjoy edamame, but I don’t consider it as my staple of protein any more.
Anyway, I’m veering off topic of my original post so, back to that.

I want to try a new recipe or some sort each week (we’ll see if that’s possible) to change up our current dinners at home. And perhaps along the way I’m hoping my cooking will also improve.
Motozo and my eating style is quite different. I like a lot of my meals to be raw, give me a cold salad and I’m happy. But Motozo likes his food warm, cooked and flavorful. Not that I don’t like cooked foods, but more so in Winter.
So tonight I tried a dinner to please us both.
I made a raw vegan sauce to go over quinoa and cooked vegetables. It basically was a zucchini sauce over zucchini. In theory it looked real good and easy. I found the sauce recipe online and magically had all the ingredients already on hand. I was even able to use the coconut milk that I bought a while back on a spur of the moment and never knew what to do with it.

When trying out a new recipe I usually stick to the exact measured ingredients. Even though I know fully well that my stomach and taste buds dislike raw garlic (cooked is ok) I used the 2 cloves that the recipe called for. That was a BIG mistake! I should have used 1 clove, tasted it and adjusted the taste from there. Anyway, the sauce came out WAY too garlicky for my liking, so I had to adjust the taste with balsamic vinegar, more coconut milk and more raw zucchini. I was able to make the taste eatable for my standards. But could not taste the zucchini at all! Thus the small amount of sauce over the red quinoa and vegetables.

Luckily, Motozo didn’t find it too garlicky and seemed to have enjoyed it more then I. I enjoyed the dessert peaches and a couple glasses of Sparkling Wine.

We toasted to Rumi and Jesse’s first born child Kanon, then we toasted to ourselves (hell, why not!), then to Lilia and Maxim’s soon to be born child.

So the dinner wasn’t a complete failure. It was healthy and unintentionally almost fat free (which turns out to be good for me to help counter balance all the nuts I snack on throughout the day – too much!)
Ok, my stomach has not felt well since and I don’t think I want to eat any garlic for the next couple of days, but I’m interested in making this sauce again because in theory it sounds like it should taste good. I now know that I need to adjust the amount of garlic from the start.
But before that I need to figure out how I can use up the heap of leftover garlic sauce…maybe I’ll make it into a soup and add carrots or something.
Anyway, it was fun to use my blender to make the sauce and I think I’m going to try using my blender and juicer more this summer…..mmmm, I’m thinking banana ice-cream now. Time to pop a few bananas in the freezer.


3 thoughts on “Failed Zucchini sauce – zannen!

  1. Lisa says:

    Try roasting the garlic, before you use it. You can roast the bulbs whole and un-pealed in the oven for 10 or so minutes and then use as desired. It gives you a subtler garlic flavor.

  2. Lil says:

    Ohh interesting! That zuchinni sauce sounds yum. and looks like you did a good job!Isn't it nice when you find all the ingredients in your shelves! I don't have the tolerance for super strong garlicy things these days but normally I like it quite strong. Lisa's suggestion sounds good to make the recipe work. (oh read the recipe, it also says roast garlic for lighter taste..interesting!!) We also try to avoid soy products for same reasons, a really cheap way of feeding animals and cows :D,

    The sparkling wine and peaches look reeeaaallly good 🙂 Thanks for toasting to us 😛 should be a week or two from now.

  3. Thanks for the advice Lisa.
    Yeah the recipe also suggested roasting the garlic for a milder taste. But I was lazy and didn't think it would turn out as strong as it did.

    Is there any baby stuff that you'd like or want Lil?

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