Using Juicer and Blender = lots of dishes, but satisfying meal!

Sorry for the double food post. I’m getting into taking photos of my food and talking about it hehe šŸ™‚

Today I didn’t really feel like having my usual fruits for breakfast. Actually, I didn’t even want to have my coffee (and its 5pm now and I still haven’t had coffee today! WOW!)
This heat is getting to me I think. I hate how hot it’s been and it seriously feels like the hottest Summer ever in Tokyo! I’ve started getting up at 5AM now to get a run in before it gets too hot, but even at 5 in the morning I’ll be sweating after just 5 minutes. The state of my clothes when I finish my run is quite disturbing. I must make a beeline to the shower or else I’ll drip sweat everywhere. Sorry, that image is not the best, but my point is that its been HOT here and this morning my appetite was affected because of it. I didn’t feel like eating, but I knew I needed to after running.
I have a fridge full of fresh vegetables so I decided to make a green juice.
This lovely juicer was given as a wedding gift by parents and I love it! The only thing is that it takes time to wash so I use it maybe once a month, but I’m going to try using it more this Summer.

Juicing is a great way to get in lots of veggies and/or fruits easily. Juice is also easier to digest so its a great way to get nutrition into the system.
For the longest time I’ve thought about going on a juice diet to detox, but at home there’s just too much temptation to eat other tings so a juice fast from home doesn’t seem likely at the moment. One day I’ll have to go to a spa to do a juice fast.

Anyway, for the juice I used lots of organic lettuce leaves(not sure what type they are), spinach and a green apple to add sweetness to the juice. I also wanted to add lemon, but the last one I had sadly was also going bad so I had to do without it.

Plopped them into the juicer and out came this beautiful green colored juice.
I originally was just going to drink it like that, but decided I wanted to add more stuff to my juice.
Out came the blender and hemp protein. On the side it shows the residue from the vegetables and apple. I usually save the “garbage” and use it somehow since it’s still editable.

Added one scoop of hemp protein.

One teaspoon of ground flaxseed.

Blended blended!

And tada! Perfect breakfast! Delicious, light and lasted me until lunch time.

Had a lot of dishes to wash, but it was really worth it!


2 thoughts on “Using Juicer and Blender = lots of dishes, but satisfying meal!

  1. Lil says:

    nice! we juice all the time (well not for the past 6 months :O) and it really is so fresh and tasty. Juiced apples and cucumbers really are the best, nice photos and I like the plant in the white sand! is that on the dining table? Looks very cool

  2. Oo, I have to try that! I love cucumbers and apples….probably my two fav veg and fruit.
    yeah, that plant is on the dining table. One of the few plants I've managed to keep alive. My blueberry plant is gone! boohoo!

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