I love my little niece, Kanon!

LOTS of photos! Sorry, the photos turn out to be quite a mess in the end!

I went down to Sagamihara last Sunday to visit Jesse/Rumi and their new born baby, Kanon!
First thought that came to mind was “She’s so pretty for a new born baby!” haha. Its ok for me to think this because even Mom mentioned that for a new born she looked exceptionally good!
I spent the next couple of hours ooing and ahing over her and hearing in detail of how the delivery went. I am so impressed with how healthy and genki Rumi looked! She’s a strong and amazing women! The poor thing was at the hospital for almost all night by herself when a nurse told everyone but Rumi to go home because Rumi didn’t look like she’d go into labor in the next few hours. Ironically, as soon as everyone left the hospital her contractions got stronger and she spent the hours rubbing her own back. Thankfully, her mother showed up at 8AM and took care of her until Jesse and the rest of the gang showed up. The delivery itself went by pretty fast, but painful (no kidding!) she said.
Proud father Jesse also expressed how tired he was and didn’t seem like he got enough sleep when he went back home. But he was there for the delivery and he had such a lovely expression on his face when he told me how it was when Kanon was born, down to how she cried and all. So sweet! He’s always concerned about her. At one point, I was carrying her and she started crying (she was hungry, I didn’t do anything to make her cry, I swear!) he’d immediately wanted to hold her to comfort her. And look how happy she is in his arms! Kanon is one hungry hungry baby, she apparently drinks Rumi dry and is still so hungry they have to feed her baby formula. She drank this bottle in just a couple of minutes. She’s a fast eater!

Everyone is so into her, she gets SO much attention! Even if she’s wide a wake, she seems quite content to just lie in her own bed and doesn’t need to be carried around unless she’s hungry. But we all couldn’t help but carry her anyway.

She’s especially content with Nana and Jiji. She started getting a little fussy, no doubt from the excessive attention, when the poor dear just wanted to sleep and she found being cradled under dad’s chin most comforting. Look, she’s comfortable enough to sleep with her mouth wide open! haha

Of course, I had to take lots of photos of her long feet and hands. Kanon might be a tall one. Both Rumi and Jesse are on the slightly taller side for Japanese/half Japanese….we’ll have to see how Kanon turns out. It’ll be so interesting!

Check out her chicken legs below haha. We only tease you Kanon, because we adore you!

For the occasion I baked a vegan very chocolate cake at home and brought it with me. It turned out well and I wish I had a larger cake tin! Cutting, what to me is a regular size cake, into 16 pieces suddenly turns into a too small of a cake.
I wasn’t doing such a good job photographing the cake to show its yummiest, so Nina helped me out by grabbing a few mint leaves from the back yard and what a difference a small green garnish can do!

MMMMMM….Chocolate cake!


And I’ll end this post with a short video of Kanon.


6 thoughts on “I love my little niece, Kanon!

  1. Lil says:

    ohhh I love the pics! Shes absolutely gorgeous for a newborn I agree~ Her skin is sooo clear, and her head is this perfect little round thing. Love the pic with her and jess, she's adorable!!
    Rumi's so strong!

  2. Wow, you're fast! I accidentally published the post without finishing it and you must have seen it before I finished.
    From your side does the cake photo look out of the white area? Damn, cake photo giving me trouble!

  3. Lil says:

    ohhh I missed the chocolate cake pic and the video! yuuummm, that really does look so good with the mint leaf especially, and kanon looks so cute in the video, just relaxing. The legs and limbs!! ahahha, so long and skinny – she's the best.

  4. Chacha says:

    aww what a little dolly she is!
    everyone looks so happy. a baby in the house always brings the best out of everyone xoxoxox

  5. Chacha says:

    it's funny also because over here, Nana is elena. and Gigi is my grandma, Jason's Great Grandmother. GG. hehe

  6. Yeah, a baby in the house does make everyone happier. They are so cute and interesting! My mum was saying its great to have grandchildren because she likes having babies around, but doesn't have to do all the hard work of staying up late feeding them etc. She can just play and take care of Kanon when she wants and when Kanon gets hungry she can just pass her to Rumi haha.

    I remember you mentioning that about Nana and Gigi. Its alright though, you're in Canada so no one will misunderstand.

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