Updates from here and there.

Nothing too special happened on my end. Busy working every day and planning our trip to France. Moto and I spent almost the entire Sunday researching and booking hotels, wine tours, etc. We’re in the crunch stage as we leave next week Thursday and we still have a few loose ends. Wine tours are particularly hard to book online. It seems we may have to pick up a guidebook when we arrive in France and make some calls there for the wine tours since we haven’t been able to do so well from this side of the world 😦
Planning a 2 week trip that has us traveling and changing hotels almost every night has been quite an ordeal and I was the most crankiest yesterday then I’ve ever been!
But we both are really looking forward to the trip as we haven’t been on an overseas holiday together since our honeymoon in December. Of course, the trip to NY and Toronto last month was a holiday for me, but Motozo was working so were looking forward to traveling together again.

Last weekend when I visited family in Sagamihara, Dad gave me a grand tour of his beautiful and well kept garden! He has chili peppers, cucumbers, LOTS of tomatoes and blueberries, shisho leaves, mint, and rosemary. We ate tomatoes and blueberries freshly picked and they were delicious!


mmm…..yum yum!

Dad pulled up some mint for me to plant at home.
Mr Mint, was planted at home with lots of love! Please don’t die on me plant! I don’t have much of a green thumb, but both dad and Nina assure me that mint grows like a weed and doesn’t need much maintenance. I do hope so, as I haven’t been very successful in keeping my blueberry plant alive.

At work I’ve been teaching kid yoga twice a week. We’ve been doing lots of partner yoga which they love, but their favorite time is savasana (Corpse Pose). Look how content they are to lay down. Today we did savasana for 5mins! So proud of them!
It helps that we do yoga at the end of a 4 hour program (involving arts/crafts, story, gym or park, lunch etc) so by that time they are tired and willingly lay down.

This is my last week of teaching Summer School at the gym so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible. These 3 kids are delightful though and I will miss them!

I’m looking forward to Wed because my food processor will arrive! I can’t wait to use it and make lots of yummy things! I’ve been getting into theRaw Food Diet and a key appliances to making delicious raw food is a food processor. I hope to make something good enough to post here. Until then…….


3 thoughts on “Updates from here and there.

  1. 花 Hana says:

    Meg! Hey nice blogging. I haven't had a chance to catch up yet but I will once August is over and I've finished working this crazy festival in Edinburgh. Getting out of shape as I haven't had a chance to do any yoga recently. Anyway, speak soon!

  2. Hana! I've missed your updates on your blog! Looking forward to hearing about your move and adjusting back to the UK. Gambatte!

  3. Lil says:

    nice updates, raw food diet max was intoat one stage too…good luck! also with the travesl plans shoukd be good! have no sleep now so comp is last resort!

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