Yay, I have another niece! Born August 17th 2010 at 1:43AM.
Isn’t she gorgeous! Shamelessly stole this from Lils blog.

Lilia is the first FEMALE among us siblings to become a parent! . I got very emotional when Nina called to tell me the details of Amelie’s birth. It suddenly was so overwhelming and wonderful! Its hard to describe, but while Nina and I were talking over the phone I started remembering how Lilia and I were years and years ago. It really does still feel like yesterday though, Lilia being the popular beautiful girl, Lilia always being the caring older sister who always seemed to have energy and a smile on her face.
I remember even talking about what we thought about giving birth. Most of it being on the lines of….”Imagine this thing coming out of there. Thats got to hurt like —-!” or “I don’t think I’d want my husband to be there during the delivery. All that blood is kind of a turn off I’d think!” hahaha.
And now, here Lilia is…. a mother! I still haven’t been able to talk to her on skype, and I’m absolutely dying to see her carrying Amelie! I really don’t know why, but its so amazing that my sister is a mother now!

I’ve yet to meet you in person Amelie. But I love you dearly! Damn, I’m getting all emotional again just typing this. I don’t know whats wrong with me. Amelie, you’ve made me into mush!

Maxim and Lilia, huge congratulations! I wish I could hug you guys and be there in person to hear how the delivery went. I’m sure Grandma Tania is over the moon as well!


3 thoughts on “Amelie!

  1. Lil says:

    aww this post made me cry! I'm crying now :D, damn those hormones,
    I always remember when we'd discuss those things, I even said to max not to look 'down there', but he of course helped deliver bloody guts and all, and it doesn't seem to have traumatized him (as far as I know lol), it's really amazing having her! You'd think I”m a typical over caring older sister right (nina's getting the treatment too, she'll let you know haha)…ohh I'm like an obsessive parent now! LOL, getting a better pattern now so will be able to talk to you on skype soon! xx

  2. Chacha says:

    i know where you're coming from! both Joe and I feel the same way!
    I mean, I haven't even grown up, or known Lils for very long, but I still feel that feeling of, “omg, she's a mommy! amazing!” type thing! haha talk to joe, he'll tell ya!
    congrats again Lils!! you'll be the best ever mommy to little princess xoxoxoxoxoxox

    and AHEM
    waiting to webcam as well over here in boondocks canada!!

  3. Oh, no, I wasn't thinking that you were an over caring sister. Only good memories and thoughts came to mind. I was thinking how great of a older sister you were/are!
    I was reminiscing how we were as little girls and we'd talk about the future and here is the future! Its just amazing!
    Haha, I'm sure it didn't traumatize him. He sounds so in love with Amelie even though he did say “gross” at one point in his post hahaha.
    You're allowed to be emotional….don't worry.

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