Good byes are hard!

(Emily center)
Why is it that almost all my girlfriends eventually leave Japan? Ironically, its always through My Gym (work) that I meet these awesome awesome ladies, but they eventually realize they want something a little more that Japan doesn’t offer.
First it was dear Hana and to this day I still miss her terribly and now its Emily!
Emily is another Hapa sister…wait let me rephrase that….Emily is another BEAUTIFUL hapa sister who immediately was so lovable. She joined me for yoga classes, let me practiced my (yoga) teaching on her and showed me her beautiful back bends!
Her gymnastic background brought a whole new atmosphere at My Gym and we all learned how to teach children gymnastic through more innovative methods.
We had serious but touching talks over coffee, going over everything ugly and beautiful in life.
What I love about Emily is her passion for certain things. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. She doesn’t take any shit from anyone, but is always diplomatic in her presentation. I love how she knows her food and is a little snobby about her wine, cheese and ham. Her taste is impeccable down to her clothing and accessories. When you talk to her, you know she’s listening and thinking about what you said. She always responds in a polite and honest way…I sometimes wish I could be as graceful when speaking.
Shes a free spirit who loves to travel and is taking full advantage of it. One year in Japan and now off to Hong Kong! You’re going to do great girl. I admire your courage to pack everything up and start from square one again and again.
We will meet again or at least stay in touch. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

(Emily far right)
I can’t wait to tell you how France was and I’ll keep all your advice in mind.
That being said, I must pack for tomorrow. WOO HOO FRANCE HERE WE COME!


One thought on “Good byes are hard!

  1. Emily says:

    My goodness, Meg! You are way too forthcoming with your lovely compliments!! You forgot to mention some of my other wonderful qualities: how my food and drink snobbery is grossly indulgent and how mostly, I'm just a pain in the ass! I'm gonna show this to my mom…I don't think she'll believe you're actually talking about me!

    I think the world of you, little Meg. Your support, friendship and kindness were some of the most comforting and soulful things about my year in Tokyo. I feel so fortunate that our journeys have intersected for this brief time, and I look forward to the day our paths cross again! Until then, keep growing, keep evolving, keep being glorious you! Love you, Meg. Have a blast in France, and needless to say, have some wine and cheese for me!!

    xoxo Emily

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