Happy Birthday Motozo and Jason!

Happy Birthday Motozo!
Although he insisted that we didn’t need to do anything special, I wanted to do something for him. Last year, we didn’t do much because we were so busy planning our wedding, so this year I made sure we celebrated properly!

Lots of Motozo’s friends and mine showed up for the birthday party I threw for him. Good food, good enviroment, but best of all, good company.

We stayed out drinking and having a blast until around 2:30 we finally made it home. The next morning was like x-mas for Motozo as he opened up all his presents and I was just as excited to see what he got.

I love you to bits Motozo and like fine wine you’re aging well!

Jason’s birthday falls on the same day as Motozo as well September 24th! The little bugger is already 2 years old! Unbelievable! Cha did an excellent job making him a train cake and it seems he had a blast on his special day!
Its amazing how time flies!

Next up on our celebration is our 1st year wedding anniversary in 2 weeks. Its already been a year!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Motozo and Jason!

  1. Lil says:

    happy birthday motozo!

  2. Chacha says:

    aww yes!!! was so caught up with Jason's party I forgot to post for Motozo!
    tell him both me and Joe give lots of love and wish him only the best!!
    Joe still wants to hang with him sometime! 🙂
    and 2 weeks till ur one year wedding anniversary! congrats!!!

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