Green smoothies and raw cookies.

I’ve become a little obsessed with raw food lately.
Its funny because I never thought about it much before. I just though….eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruit. I ate a lot of salads, but I usually had a cooked meal in the evening.
Doing my own research on raw foods has introduced me to an abundance of amazing foods that I never knew were out there. Although I’m totally not a 100% raw (I enjoy cooked food periodically and don’t think its bad to continue eating it in small amounts) I’ve noticed my diet has changed for the better. I’m eating a more variety of fruits and vegetables and cravings for anything processed or even sugar is gone! If I do feel like eating something sweet, a date, or another dried fruit does the trick and I’m happy and satisfied.
Not to mention my coffee mug has gone down a size. SEEE!!!

I feel damn proud of myself and the wonderful thing about it is that I didn’t even have to try hard to reduce my coffee consumption. My body just doesn’t need that much any more. I had 2 visits to Starbucks last week and I was ordering herb teas!

Anyway, I’m having lots of great results such as, an increase of energy, and weight loss, but I don’t want to jink that so…..I’m just going to keep going how I’m going because obviously something is working.

I’ve been using my blender and food processor on almost a daily bases now to make green smoothies and other yummies.
My goal for this week is to have a green smoothie every day for breakfast or another meal/snack. I’m absolutely loving the green smoothies and they are so filling!
My smoothie this morning.
Spinach, banana, pear, Maca, Spirulina. DELISH!

Yesterday a fellow yogi, vegan, and raw foodie friend came over to study with me and we made a Strawberry Arugula smoothie and some raw cookies for us to munch on. They were so filling and satisfying that 2 cookies was just enough for me.

With the cookies only requiring 3 ingredients: ground flaxseed, cocoa, maple syrup(not 100%raw), it was the fastest thing ever to make and did I mention they tasted GOOOOOOD! They had a nutty texture and very dark chocolate flavor.
My friend is a kind enthusiastic soul who said they were the best raw cookies she’s ever had. 🙂

Anyway, feeling really motivated and interested in prepare raw meals that I’ve even considered making myself a food blog…but naw..I’ll just keep posting here, I hope you (my small group of readers) don’t mind.


2 thoughts on “Green smoothies and raw cookies.

  1. Lil says:

    Maca, Spirulina interesting ingredients! Never heard of them. I also love the cofee mug downsizing lol, those cookies sound delish too. Is the cocoa 100% cacao? or does it have added sugar? Sounds and looks yum!

  2. Yeah, you should totally look into Maca and Spirulina! They are, what raw foodist call, Super Foods.
    Spirulina has a high protein content and ever since I started taking Maca daily I've noticed a spike in my energy.
    The cocoa is 100% cacao. You could use sweeten or unsweetened cocoa and you'll just have to adjust the maple syrup or whatever sweetener.
    Yeah, I've become more sensitive to coffee lately. I still want to drink it, but I get jitters if I drink how much I used to or have trouble falling asleep at night. Has anything changed with you since having a baby? I've hear of mothers who hair starts falling out or hair even changing color etc.

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