Revived mint plant!

A few month ago I posted about my mint plant and my aspirations to keep it alive.
Well, it died when we were away on holiday.
Maybe from too much sun? Not enough water? My plant is out on the veranda where it can get rained on, so I thought it would be alright during our time away. But sadly, I came back to a brown stem and no green mint leaves!
Terribly disappointing with myself, I gave it a few days (ok. actually a few weeks) before I threw out the brown stem. And for once, my laziness was a good thing, because I started realizing just a few days ago that some greens started to sprout from the pot of my “dead” or thought to be dead mint plant. The next day the sprout grew considerably and I noticed a few more little sprouts growing. I thought it was just weeds growing, but I appreciated the green so I let the “weeds” grow.
Finally, I realized 2 days ago that its actually MINT thats growing!
LOOK! (Ignore my messy veranda, I plan to do a good clean up today, HONEST!)

I left the old brown remainder of my mint plant in the pot and I’m not sure what I should do with it. Dad or Nina or even Lils, any advice? I don’t want to uproot the old plant because obviously the new mint is growing from it or something like that. Maybe I could just cut the brown stem off so it looks more pleasant?
Anyway, every day I noticed a new sprout and the next day that sprout is 2xs its size. What an awesome plant! Nina and Dad were so right, this plant is indestructible! I haven’t done a single thing with it except plant it in some soil and its thriving by itself.
Its funny how a plant can give so much joy! Every time I look out onto the veranda and see it, I can’t help but smile.

Another thing that made me happy is my first attempt to make raw sushi. Completely vegan and gluten free! Unfortunately, raw nori is impossible to find in Japan, why!? All the nori I’ve looked at is toasted. I’m going to have to do a more comprehensive search for raw nori for this to be 100% raw, but I’m alright now with it not being 100%.
This meal took a little longer for me to make then usual meals, but it was worth it. Even Motozo enjoyed it and he didn’t even miss the rice!
I started with a Not Tuna Pate or rather Nut Pate to use as replacement of rice.
I soaked my nuts for about 4 hours as soaking them makes nuts more easily digestible. The recipie called for Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds

Processed the nuts with fresh minced Parsley, Onion and Celery. A little bit of lemon juice and a dash of salt.

And it turned into a nice delicious pate (no delicious photo to show). Next I chopped up some colorful vegetables.

Laid out the nori.

And started the assembling process. See the greenish Pate in the middle?

I’m certainly am not the best at rolling as they weren’t as tight as I would have liked, but the end result wasn’t too shammy.

For the dip, I grated some fresh ginger into soy-sauce and it worked out well.
I’m going to enjoy trying out different variations of “sushi” in the future.
Thanks Lils for humoring me on skype as I showed you my food ha.

In other news, I finally got a much needed haircut. The last time I went to the hair salon must have been 7 months ago and my ends desperately needed a trim. I told the hair stylish to cut however much is damaged and try to make my hair look a little more “heavy” since I’ve got very thin hair. She also gave me a bit of bangs in the front and I’m quite happy with the results. My hair is shorter then it’s been in a LONG time, but it feels (and looks?) healthier.
Face on shots never look good, but oh well. It was raining yesterday so my hair is already going haywire on me in this shot, but you get the idea of the length at least.

And the side bangs. Maybe I can’t really call it bangs. Well, its shorter in front anyway.

And thats it for me today. Time to go out for my morning run and clean my messy house for the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Revived mint plant!

  1. Lil says:

    I laughed so much about the mint plant…nins would know about that one, they had the attack of the mint before. It really does make you happy to see growing green! I cant wait to produce something edible…nice pots u have, and nice the balcony has lots of sun!

    Hair looks good! I like how they made that extra layer, really long hair still! you look great!

    nice pic of sushi as well! so funny you were doing that as we chatted on skype…you gotta make us a raw meal when u come. We'll need to get a processor

  2. Jesse says:

    You look healthy, annd are eating wonderfully. Keep it up! My beautiful sister.

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