Its already a week into October and Autumn has finally decided to come around. Happy happy day! I remember the first day we had an Autumn day. About 2 weeks ago on a Saturday, we woke up to perfectly clear blue skies and the air was cool with a beautiful breeze. On my way to teach yoga that day I definitely noticed everyone walking along the street was enjoying the beautiful perfect weather as well. It was the type of day where just walking outside puts a smile on your face.
Sorry, very cheesy of me, but I have strong feelings for Autumn. Love it dearly!
Of course, because of it being Autumn we also get a lot of rain, but when the rain clears and the blue sky is showing its proud color…..ahhhh, perfect!

Some things I love about Autumn:

  • The air is so clear, fresh, and clean. It makes me want to do Sun Salutations in-front of a window so I can inhale the goodness of it all
  • Perfect temperature! I can wear a t-shirt in the day time and don’t have to worry about sweaty underarms, running make-up or an oily forehead.
  • Perfect temperature! I have a thing for long sleeves shirts, thin jackets and wraps. I love having to put on another layer in the evening.
  • Perfect temperature for running! I’m finally able to run longer and harder with hardly any effort. During the Summer I felt so out of shape. Come Autumn and I feel like I’m a half decent runner. Delusional, yes, but who cares!
  • Hearing the crunch under my feet as I run over the fallen brown leaves.
  • Did I mention perfect temperature? FINALLY no need for air-conditioner.
  • Hot coffee never tasted so good.
  • Apples are slowly getting into season (best in the middle of winter). They taste SO much better now then in Summer. Crisp, juicy and the flavor is far more robust!
  • My second favorite fruit (apples are my fav) – American pears are finally being sold in stores!
  • みかん or tangerines are in season – YUM.
  • Although I don’t eat どんぐり (chestnut is it?) they are all over in parks. Good memories come to mind of collecting them as a child. I don’t remember what I did with them afterward, but the collecting part was sure fun!
  • Autumn fashion – black stockings and ankle boots. Seems to be the same as last year and I’m perfectly happy with that.
  • Outdoor dining/drinking is something we seek out now. Luckily, we have a Starbucks near by with outdoor seating.
  • People seem to be in better moods, no doubt because of Autumn.

Ahem, I just realized something must have changed on blogger because I can’t post photos! I don’t know how to any more. Whats going on? What have they done? Help anyone!

Damn, it, I wanted to post photos of Motozo enjoying his coffee outside. Oh, well….until I figure it out this post will have to go without photos. (Ok, apparently Mozilla is having trouble but Internet Explorer is alright for posting photos. I like Mozilla better! Why is it not allowing me to upload photos from there)
Anyway, time to get my run in anyway. Have a lovely Autumn day everyone! And oh, its Friday, YAY!

3 thoughts on “Autumn!!!

  1. Jesse says:

    I like Motozo's shirt. Cute.

  2. 花 Hana says:

    Haha, I agree Jesse. I was just about to post exactly the same message but you've gone and done it for me!
    Glad you're enjoying Autumn Meg-chan. There's nothing quite like Autumn in Japan. SO beautiful. It's getting grey and cold out here now which is a bit depressing but I'm running and taking my Vitamin Ds to keep my spirits up 🙂

  3. Ha, he got it in Thailand.

    Running is great for making your feel good. I'm so proud of you Hana for training so hard on your 10k!

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