Weekend update


3 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Lil says:

    ooo I know! I watched julie and julia on the plane when we visted japan last year…so interesting! That is kale?? Looks different ?? I guess there are many varieties, we get the more dinosaur era looking ones.
    You got chocolate nibs!! LOL, bitter right?! I just ordered organic cacao and desicated coconut flakes so I can make that desert you did with maple syrup..nom nom

    vegan icecream looks good, tehse days max makes shakes with coconut cream and it's declisious!
    nice backbend too or whatever it is! looks crazy difficult! Like the indian music touch too HEHE

  2. Yeah, I think there are different types of Kale. I think the Kale I found isn't so bitter. I heard that the dinosaur ones are more bitter. There are ones that are slightly purplish right?

    I haven't tasted the cacao nibs yet. I'm sure it'll be bitter, but then that's what the agave is for 🙂 hehe
    Yay, let me know how it turns out. I followed the recipe of chocolate crazed women that I showed you online. http://www.loveveggiesandyoga.com/2009/10/raw-vegan-chocolate-coconut-snow-balls.html
    She really likes her sugar though so I've learned that I can omit quite a bit from her recipe.

    mmm…coconut cream. that sounds delicious! Post a photo and the ingredients that he uses! I want to see the shake.

  3. randomgoods says:

    me with my bendy back is now in a kink on my left lower back, really sucks because now whenever i do any sort of backbend, it feels like there's either a nerve being pinched, or my back is cramped, or something really nasty going on, i need to stretch out my back, but YES! i've now mastered headstand(on the good days i can stay up there as long as i want 🙂 ), and am moving on to forearm stand, finding that a bit more challenging, and then from there will move on to scorpion pose right away (the whole reason for wanting to learn forearm stand was for scorpion pose)
    Totally off the topic, but that's a pretty good pic of Motozo :P.
    What's not to like about sugar!!!!! hehehe.

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