Lavender and Cinnamon

Blogging makes me happy. Absolutely juvenile as it sounds, updating my blog makes me feel accomplished so maybe I should do it more often šŸ™‚ Of course, I must keep it in perspective and make sure I’m not spending hours on the computer.

Today is a cloudy Autumn day. But I love it! I’m wearing long sleeves, socks, AND a scarf in the house and I’ve had to go back and forth between closing windows and opening them up again. I love the cold breeze that flows in when the windows are open! Its 5pm now and its quite dark outside. The days are definitely shorter and I can’t help but get so excited. I know I said it before, but I love Autumn!

For some reason I’m feeling pretty relaxed and organized today. I wonder if it has anything to do with everything smelling like Lavender! I spilt Lavender Oil last night as I was giving Motozo a massage. At the time I thought “CRAP!” oil all over the sheets, but now that the sheet is clean, dry and still smelling like lavender I’m happy we had a little spill. My hands and almost everything smells like lavender….ahhh……maybe I should buy myself a lavender plant.
Lilia, do you know this brand? One of my yoga students bought it for me when she took a trip to Australia. I’d like to go visit this shop when we visit there! Which reminds me, I haven’t done any research on Australian Open like I should have weeks ago! I’m making a list of things to do ASAP!

Today I whipped up a snack that was so good and simple I just have to post it!

Two ingredients I’m sure everyone has in their fridge.

Diced up the apple, threw it into the food processor, and processed until coarsely chopped.

Added the large banana, dash of nutmeg, and lots of cinnamon! I LOVE CINNAMON!

Processed everything until sort of pudding like, but not completely smooth.
Sprinkled more Cinnamon on top. Mmmmm…yum! Apple and cinnamon…nothing gets more Autumn like then that.

Certainly nothing special and most people would probably consider this baby food, but you can always make some adjustments to give it more texture. Some optional add ins could be: Walnuts, vanilla extract, raisins etc. Endless options to have fun with!

Since this blog is becoming more about food then running, I’d just like to mention now that I am still running. Not that I think Lilia (my faithful and only reader hehe) cares. So I’m really just saying this for myself.
In fact this weekend I plan to do a long run around the Yamanote Line with my running club. I probably will only make it half way around which will give me 20k or so, but that’s pretty good for me right now šŸ™‚

Right then, back to studying.


4 thoughts on “Lavender and Cinnamon

  1. randomgoods says:

    HA! Take that, Lils isn't the only one reading your blog! šŸ˜€
    Your snack sounds absolutely divine and I really want to try it actually, esp if you put in nuts and raisins mmm!
    Oh I'm loving the cooler weather, esp here in Guangzhou, where i've been told it doesn't get too cold. I like your new look of the blog, very easy on the eyes and pretty. šŸ™‚
    I just had to make a long post before Lils. nyaha!

  2. 花 Hana says:

    Blogging isn't juvenile! It's good for you to write if you enjoy it and helps get your thoughts into something concrete….so good for you.
    Love the scorpion pose. I have the upper arm strength to easily get up there and balance, but I lack the back balance to get my feet near my head.

    Anyway, gambatte.
    Han x

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh what I'm not the only visitor! for shame LOL
    I'm just the most enthusiastic about fooood haha,
    that apple mush looks gross but I imagine it tastes decent. I make apple/banana/ cinnamon/macadamia nut shakes alot, and we have this pomegranate molasses stuff thats extra sour to add to the mix. we're pretty macadamia nut crazy and maxims' mum gets us a kg every other week or so šŸ˜€ when you come here You can stock up šŸ™‚

    lavendar sounds really nice, during labor the midwives put that stuff around the room to help was really nice. perfect potion they have a shop in the city, we can visit if you like!

  4. Pomegranate molasses? That sounds very interesting!
    I love Macadamia! Is it easy to get raw nuts there?

    Thank you for being so honest with how appealing my food looks haha.

    How thoughtful of the midwives to spread lavender around the labor room.

    Hana, please show me how you balance in scorpion. Without even going into the backbend it's a hard pose! If you can do a forearm balance that's very impressive. I wish I had gymnastic background like you šŸ™‚

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