Go ahead and hug yourself!

Let your food be your medicine. That’s going to be my motto!
I’ve been reading this awesome book “Happy Yoga” It says, 7 Reasons why there’s nothing to worry about. 
It’s really an AMAZING book and every morning I read a little from it before beginning my day. I find these great little quotes that inspire and put me in a great mood first thing in the morning.
A lot of things that he mentions are things I’ve heard before, but it’s great to review some important points. 
Here are some things that spoke out to me:
Treat My Body As I Would A Dearly Loved Pet (don’t you want your pet to be healthy so you feed it the best food and give it the best treatment?)
A pet is an idea that is mentioned in the book, but it can be anything from husband, child, or friend. Basically, anything that I have lots of respect and love for. This is a very good thing to keep in mind, because when I really think about it, I realize that I don’t love my body as much as it deserves to be. Hell, I would never tell my friend, child, or husband “Why, after all that running and healthy eating, do you have a larger ass then most girls!” OR “You’ll never fit into skinny jeans because your thighs are too large!”  And yet, these are things I say to myself quite often.
If a friend says anything negative about her body I’m quick to tell her something positive. Now why don’t I do that for myself!? Why don’t we all do that for ourselves?
I Am Not My Body. I Am Intelligence.
Having six pack abs and buns of steal(not that I have either one) doesn’t define who a person is. A yogi views the body as a vessel for living on this earth. And we want that vessel to be running smooth and living a long life. How do you do that? Treat the body well!
There are LOADS of other wonderful points, but I won’t mention it all now.
One of the most important things to remember is that Happiness is a state of mind. Bottom line, its my choice to be happy and no one or anything can change that.
This morning I told myself some arrogant things, but let me tell you, it totally worked! I was so happy right after doing this and felt happy ALL DAY. Here’s what I did.
Before I got myself out of bed, I laid there with my eyes closed, put my hand over my heart and told myself out loud “You are happiness, you are joy, you are love.” I felt good….why not continue. ” I am intelligent, I am brave, I am strong, I am capable, I am beautiful.” Of course, I felt a little foolish talking to myself and being VERY immodest, but when do I ever say those things to myself? And why shouldn’t I? I spend a lot of time telling myself negative things, I deserve some sweet talk every so often. No I deserve it EVERYDAY!
And so does EVERYONE! Go on, become friends with yourself because your body and you is going to be with you forever so you really should like love you!
I know this sounds so cheesy and like I’m writing some Self Help thing, but really, I just want everyone to be/find happiness!
Alright, enough deep talk. Time for some YOGA! Here’s a little something for dear Hana. I’m so proud of you for training for your 10k! Here’s a little stretch/massage you can do to for your legs.
Even if you aren’t a runner, anyone can benefit from this. As I mentioned in the video, it’s a massage for me, so go ahead and give yourself a treat 🙂
PS. I make lots of grammatical errors and look pretty sweaty because I videoed it right after my run. SORRY! But I feel damn proud of myself for not having to get all dolled up for the cam. No make up!

7 thoughts on “Go ahead and hug yourself!

  1. It's my first visit here and I'm really enjoying it!!!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi Gabriele,

    Nice to have another reader. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I see that you are a raw foodie. How wonderful!
    I think I can learn a few tips from your blog.

  3. lil says:

    I just got raw organic cacao powder and desicated coconut nom nom nom time for desserts! 😀

    nice easy yoga pose , I can do that one! And that yoga book sounds awesome, really positive too. So true about not saying that stuff to your friends and pppl you care about, and funny enough you don't even say that stuff to your enemies :D, great tip! I think I'll have to say that to myself about my tummy 😦 It's all wonky after birth and doesnt appear to be going down anytime soon LOL. Oh well..the things we do for wonderful babies 🙂

  4. Jesse says:

    Go Meg! You are a picture of perfection. YOU KNOW IT!

  5. Yay, raw cacao and coconut! Let me know how the dessert turned out.
    I used my vanilla agave today and made raw cookies. I'll post that when I get the time.

    Don't worry about your belly! Give it more time its only been 2 months. But love that belly! Tell it some nice things, its been through a lot.

  6. 花 Hana says:

    Thanks for the personal mention and yoga vid 🙂 Haven't tried it just yet but I do have a rolled up yoga mat waiting to be dug into my calf muscles!

  7. randomgoods says:

    what a cool yoga post! 🙂 yes speaking positively to self is a great mood booster, no matter how silly you feel.

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