Vegan Banana Muffins

I’m totally addicted to this women’s site Oh She Glows !
She has absolutely amazing recipes and photography of her vegan creations! Although I’m trying to stay towards raw food, seeing her delicious foods, especially desserts, has made me want to turn on the oven and make some sweets. 

And today I finally did! I had 3 over ripped bananas that I thought would be lovely in a cake or muffin. So I went to Oh She Glows site and found the perfect recipe
If you actually do go to the site, please don’t compare my muffin with hers. Of course, hers look better! ha

I didn’t go all the way and make the filling that she made for her muffins and I had to make a few ingredient adjustments, but they still turned out very fluffy and delicious! 

 I started off with whole grain which I wanted/needed to grind up. My wonderful mill, which I got as a wedding gift, unfortunately was not doing the job! 

Very frustrated that the mill was just spitting out the grains whole (not a single dent in the grains!), I gave up after 15mins of trying to get it to work and pulled out my never failing tiny coffee mill. 
Now that’s more like it! 
It took a while for the grains to turn into flour and my poor coffee mill got so over heated that it started making a strange noise. The recipe called for 1 and 3/4 cups whole wheat flour, but I only managed to grind up a cup of whole wheat and used regular white flour for the 3/4 cup since I didn’t want to kill my coffee mill. 
My 100% freshly ground whole wheat. Very proud of myself for spending 30mins just on flour! 
I made quite a huge mess in the process of putting together the wet/dry ingredients and then mixing them together. But the final result didn’t look bad after putting them into the muffin tin
I planned on sprinkling some cacao nibs on top, but I totally forgot about it because I was busy licking the bowl and mixing spoon. The batter was delicious! 
20mins later…..TADA! 
I forced myself to have a large salad (dinner) before eating a muffin. The taste: very fluffy, moist, light, and not too sweet! The original recipe calls for 1 cup of mashed bananas, but I only got 1/2 cup out of my 3 small bananas, so the flavor of banana was a little weak. Next time I want to definitely making sure I have a full cup of mashed bananas. But still very yum! 
I really want to try making gluten free desserts, so I’m going to play around with Amaranth in the next couple of weeks. 

2 thoughts on “Vegan Banana Muffins

  1. lil says:

    oooh yay, will look forward to the gluten free adventures. That mill looks awesome, strange it doesn't work, what is it actually for then? poor cofee grinder, those wheat grains are nasty!

    bananas make the world go round 😀

  2. Yeah, its quite an awesome mill! Very expensive if I were to buy it. It is that its a wheat mill so I can use Brown rice, Amaranth, Quinoa etc and it'll turn into beautiful flour!

    I can't use coffee or nuts…nothing oily. But thats what my coffee mill and food processor is for 🙂

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