Vegan Raisin Cookies

What defines a foodie?
Can you call yourself a foodie when you lay in bed thinking about what sort of ingredients would taste good together or how you can improve a recent recipe or better yet…. thinking about how to get your mill to work!

I seriously was so perplexed last night after my mill just would not grind up the whole wheat! 

I had HIGH hopes of experimenting with different grains, but I don’t want to put my coffee grinder under more abuse, so I was determined this morning to figure out how to get my mill to do what I wanted. 

First thing in the morning, I went online, found a youtube clip that showed the ins and out of my mill, and then went to work  immediately on the thing. I realized that I wasn’t turning the ‘knob’ far enough to the ‘fine’ setting, so the mill stone (whatever its called) wasn’t tight enough to press the wheat into flour.
Turning the “knob” was quite some work. My forearms got a little sore in the process of turning and readjusting. 
And then it happened! I finally found the right setting and the grains started turning into flour! 

It didn’t turn as ‘fine’ as I was hoping it would, but I knew it would work if I just shifted my flour before using it. I was so excited that I had to try some brown rice. Yes, I now have brown rice flour! 
I was so happy with myself that I promptly emailed Motozo to tell him the wonderful news. I know he doesn’t really give a damn about mills or even about muffins for that matter (he still hasn’t tried the muffins I made last night! HUMP!). But being the kind husband that he is, he humored me and said “good babe!” 🙂
Enthusiastic husband or not, I was thrilled! 
Of course, I had to use the flour when it was fresh, so I used a tried and tested Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, taken from EveryDayDish
I don’t have chocolate chips other then cacao nibs, but I really want to save those for raw desserts, so I substituted with raisins instead. 
Don’t they look yummy! So easy to whip up and only 11mins of baking time! The problem was they turned out too salty. I’m still learning this whole measuring thing. I wasn’t looking at my measuring spoons properly and I put way too much salt in. So far my sweets seem to be either too sweet or too salty. One of these days I’ll find the right balance. Until then, I have a big tupperware of muffins and cookies that should last me for a good while! YAY!     

2 thoughts on “Vegan Raisin Cookies

  1. lil says:

    oh wow, those were made of rice flour! SO GOOD. Max would totally eat something like that, gluten free!

    The mill looks really awesome. Is it automated?
    I'd eat all those cookies in one go hehe. Don't save those chocolate nibs I tell you, you'll cook with them then go hmmmm…sour?! At least I thought so, if you find a good recipe for them let me know cuz they're rotting in my cupboard hehe.

  2. No, the cookies were made out of whole wheat. I still haven't used the brown rice flour. I'm going to try mixing it with Amaranth since I heard gluten free baking is best when you mix 2-3 types of flour.

    Yeah, the mill is awesome. The only automatic thing is the on button. I need to adjust the mill to how course or fine I want the flour to be. Takes a little while to find a good setting, but its all worth it in the end 🙂

    Will let you know the Cacao nibs turn out 🙂

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