Gluten free vegan crackers.

This morning was not like the typical morning. Motozo’s alarm didn’t go off at the usual 5:45AM, instead my alarm went off at the usual 7AM, but we both stayed in bed. I was initially concerned that Motozo would be late for work, but then I remembered its a national holiday today. Yippy! For myself, a national holiday doesn’t really change much, except for the sleeping in part. But it was particularly nice that we both got to sleep in until 9AM!
Motozo has been working so hard lately. Its earning season now so he has lots of client meetings, report deadlines and its not unusual for him to come home around 10PM.

When he has late nights he eats dinner close to his office and goes straight to bed when he comes back. Last night though, he unusually looked into the fridge and I was happy I had some munchies for him. I forced him to taste my experimental gluten free crackers and he made me so happy by saying they were good. But he probably will always say that for my cooking, because he loves me and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, ha. But seriously, these crackers are awesome!
Last night I was in the mood for something savory and I’ve been thinking about crackers for awhile after seeing a few vegan recipes online.
I decided to give it a go with what I had on hand and adapted this recipe:
In the above link, the recipe is for a sweet cracker and she uses sunflower seeds, but I was not in the mood for sweet nor do I have any sunflower seeds. No problem! Improvise improvise!
My version: I didn’t measure, I just eye balled.
Chia seeds (I used the same amount for all the seeds)
Sesame seeds
Dried Basil
Italian Herbs
Salt and pepper
tiny bit of maple syrup
Water as needed to get the right consistency
Processed everything together. Spread the mixture out on the oven tray(note to self, buy cooking paper) and baked for approximately 40mins on one side and 20mins on the other. They took a little longer to cook because I didn’t spread the mixture out very thin. Next time I will divide the mixture in two and use two cooking trays so I get it thinner.
Cut immediately after taking them out of the oven.
These smelled SO good while baking! After taking it right out of the oven, they were soft and almost bread like. It hardened a little after cooling and I couldn’t decide if I liked it soft or hard. These seriously were so delicious I had to force myself to stop eating them so there would be some left overs for Motozo.
The basil and Italian herbs flavored the cracker just perfectly and the chewiness of the flaxseeds make it very satisfying. These could be eaten just as is, used for dipping in hummus etc, or even as “bread” if I don’t cut them as small.
I’m really looking forward to playing around with these crackers and changing up the flavors depending on what I feel like.
Lilia, I really think you’ll like these and Maxim will appreciate the gluten free part! All the more reason to get yourself a food processor! Although this particular recipe could probably just use a blender to chop up the seeds a little then mix the liquids in by hand.
I’m definitely going to be make these regularly so I always will have it on hand in my fridge. YAY!


2 thoughts on “Gluten free vegan crackers.

  1. lil says:

    oh poor motozo working till 10! yikes.Those crackers look awesome! And funny enough max ordered some premade ones that sound JUST like that with italian herbs etc and it tasted realllly nice, they called it a pizza base! Gotta get some flaxseeds for this! What type of oven do you have?

  2. Ha, what a coincidence!
    I have a regular oven I think. I believe its a German brand. For some reason our kitchen is equipt with European/German things. Dish washer and all (never used dish washer)
    The oven holds 5 trays. Just did a google search on the brand AEG
    Something like that.

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