My New Favorite Vegetable!

Introducing my currently favorite juicing vegetable. Ladies and Gents, the BEET!  (photo shamelessly stolen from google)   Along with a unique taste and color, beets are power-packed with iron, folate and antioxidants.  They also stimulate the muscle contractions in the gut which promotes regularity. No need to be shy here. Elimination is very important, especially for this runner! Ok, keeping with the topic……..
Just recently I discovered they sell these in National Azabu and I was more then thrilled! It was only a few years ago that I first tasted a beet and loved it. But because average supermarkets don’t sell it, I never made it at home until now 🙂
I usually steam my beets. but this time I wanted it raw and I wanted it this morning! Juicing it is then. 
An apple and a carrot should go with the beet nicely!

I may or may not have spent a little too long admiring the peeled beet. I can’t help it! The color is something else! Don’t you agree?
After juicing all 3 ingredients, I got this gorgeous colored juice! It was almost too purty to drink! The flavor was delicious! I was SOOOO excited about this that I promptly went out and got more beets. I have got to make this for Motozo tomorrow morning! 

This seriously is amazing! Each time I took a sip it made me smile and go mmmmmmmm. 
Starting my day off with a glass of red…..what can be better. 

3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Vegetable!

  1. lil says:

    woow!It doesn't have the bitter taste that happens with raw beets? Looks beautiful! We're growing 8 baby beets in our garden 🙂

  2. It wasn't bitter at all. The apple and carrot did an excellent job of sweetening it up.

    Yay! baby beets! How great that you can anticipate eating them 🙂

  3. randomgoods says:

    the red color is simply gorgeous. I don't know about beets being yum, because whenever we had it, it was the soaked kind and kind of pickled….

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