Yoga For Runners – Hip Stretch

My Gosh, November is gone! Time for a new blog design and a new project to tackle.

For the next little while, I’m hoping to focus on sharing different yoga postures that will benefit runners. I’ve been teaching a Yoga For Runners class for a little over a year now, and its been a wonderful and rewarding experience for me! I’ve been so lucky to have a wide range of students from the ultra stiff students to flexible students. From students who are hard core marathoners/triathletes, to the easy going weekend runners. Each one is special and different. I’ve learned that every one’s bodies respond differently and while some may benefit from a particular pose, others may not.

Through these small video clips, I hope to help runners find a balance in their bodies. That is ultimately what we want! Of course, we want to run faster, have better endurance and minimize our chance of injury. Well, believe me, finding a balance in your body is going to bring you a HUGE step closer to obtaining those goals.

I’m so excited about this project of vlogging about yoga for runners as running is something quite dear to me and I truly understand what its like to be injured and out of running for weeks and months! Its depressing and very frustrating. But with the help of yoga, I’ve become a better and healthier runner.
My goal is to keep all of you runners running healthy for a long long time with a combination of stretching, strengthening (yes, yoga can be extremely strengthening) and LOTS of core work.

Since I have zero editing skills, nor do I have a proper video camera, I do apologize in advance for the blurry footage and lousy editing. Hopefully, I’ll get used to talking to a camera and my instructions will improve over time. Of course, there’s many things I could apologize for in this video….. messy hair, strange facial expressions, but oh, well….:) I’m not perfect.

I hope you enjoy today’s simple outer hip stretch. DO IT!

Happy running!


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