New Toy/Baby!

 Yay! Motozo and I have a new baby in the house! Lookie Look! A new camera! This time a proper DSLR! We spent a good few weeks looking over different models, reading reviews, and getting recommendations etc. Since  my dad and sister, both photography buffs, own a Canon, I of course am bias and deciding for a Canon over Nikon was a no brainier. I thought I had my mind made up to for EOS Kiss X4, but at the shop Motozo and I decided to get a grade up 🙂  It took us almost 2 hours at the store, going back and forth between different models. Oh, it was a tough decision! We finally settled on the 60D and I’m VERY happy with it. Although, its slight heavier then the Kiss X4, I think we made the right decision.  The nobs and placement of buttons are more user friendly on the 60D and we got a great deal for 2 lenses.

 It’ll take me awhile to figure out how to use the camera to its full potential. So here are just a few random practice shots(unaltered) from yesterday mainly of my food hehe. 
A short but fast run. 12k under an hour.
Refreshing green smoothie. Extra dark today because of the frozen blueberries. YUM! 

 I love that Kaki’s (persimmons) are in season now!

Lunch, left over salad.

Home made chocolate. 100% cacao sweetened with maple syrup and shredded coconuts

Homemade vegan blueberry muffins with a light coconut oil spread. MMM! The coconut oil made this muffin magical! 

Anyone want to come over and have blueberry muffins? I have lots in my freezer still. 

5 thoughts on “New Toy/Baby!

  1. lil says:

    OMG you worked your little camera and now you're TOTALLY rocking this one. Can't believe you already can handle such goodness, when I first got my dslr It was crappy pictures all around lol
    man this place is goin to make me drool even MORE! I already have enough of amelie's drool all over the house hehehehe

  2. Why thank you Lils. I have still have a long ways to go though 🙂
    I can't imagine you had crappy photos. You're a talented photographer! I'm really looking forward to taking photos with you next month! Hey, lets do a photo-shoot together! hehe

  3. 花 Hana says:

    NICE CAMERA! I've got the Kiss X2. Take some nice shots!

  4. Oh, I didn't know you had the Kiss X2. I should have asked you about it. I think my dad also has the Kiss X2 and he recommended getting the most recent one. The Kiss's are great! They don't weight so much making it far more portable.

  5. randomgoods says:

    Hot dang, you've got such a lovely baby!!! zomgness all around!
    you're lovely food pictures are going to get even better!

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