A Delicious Green Day.

I’m feeling in a photo mood. I don’t feel like typing away and photos are far more interesting then anything I have to say anyway, so I’ll just leave you with some foodie delights. Sorry everything is veggie.

What do I do when I accidentally order an insane (what was I thinking!) amount of organic fresh produce? Pull out the juicer and throw together a fabulous juice!

1 Carrot, 2 stocks of Celery, 1 huge Kale leaf, 1 green Apple, and an Orange (didn’t use in the end)
Ohayo Juice is created! Absolutely pure goodness! You can’t go wrong with fruit and veggie mix. 
Perhaps I’m delusional, but these sort of juices make me feel pretty on the inside and out 🙂
More greens throughout the day. 

Carrot Pate Spinach Salad – Roughly process a carrot, 1/4 avocado, tsp balsamic vinegar, tsp of olive oil, and dried oregano. I was pleasantly surprised to have created a delicious pate.
Sometimes the strangest combination’s turn out wonderfully. Depends if you like natto though.
Trip down memory lane. Running through vineyards in Champagne. Oh, I miss this place! I want to live in France! I really do! Beautiful places to run and champagne = perfect place!
Time for a perfect preworkout snack – a date. I better go get my sweat on now. 
I notice I like to use the word “perfect” a lot. 
Have a happy, healthy, and PERFECT day everyone.

2 thoughts on “A Delicious Green Day.

  1. lil says:

    mmmm that carrot pate looks yum and sounds yum! Nice salad. I reeeaaallly need to get a food processor, I think next weekend we're going shopping for that!

    beautiful pic of champagne! And dates are totally the best snack! They're like mini cakes!

  2. I agree! Dates = mini healthy cakes. How reasonable are they over there? They are expensive and only in small packages here.

    Yes, yes, go get yourself a food processor. The things you can make with it are endless!

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