Night Out On The Town.

 Last night, Motozo made a special effort to come home early to spend time with little ol’ me. 🙂 oo, did I feel special!
He called during his lunch break, asking if I wanted to do something at night, maybe see a movie. I was all over the movie idea, but absolutely NOTHING good is showing right now. The only thing with a slight promise would be Harry Potter, but sorry, Motozo and I are not into that in the least bit. We both aren’t into Sci-fi, Magical (Lord of The Ring) type movies. Sometimes the special effects are cool, but we’d rather just stumble upon it on cable TV rather then pay a hefty theater price for it.

The next idea was KARAOKE! One of our favorite things to do. The great thing about going to karaoke with only 2 people, is that you get ample chance to hog the mike, plenty of space to dance and let everything loose. Nither one of us were born talented singers (shhhhh, don’t repeat this to Motozo) , but we clap and cheer for each other anyway. Ah, the perks of being married, accepting each other no matter how croaky. 

First things first, food! Need to fuel up for our karaoke session after all.
I suggested we try a vegan place (well, of course!) that Motozo never been to. We’re quite lucky to live in an area with a couple organic/vegan friendly restaurants to choose from, so off we went to Brown Rice Cafe.

Motozo immediately realized that besides him, there was only 1 other male in the whole cafe. Both just happened to be foreigners with their Japanese wives/girlfriend. Ok, I’m only half Japanese, but you get the idea. Its obviously more popular with the ladies. Not a good sign so far. Better start him off with some manly organic beer. Yep, that relaxed him good. 
We skipped appetizers and went straight for the main.  I ordered 2 dishes. One was fried tempe sandwiching carrots and pumpkin. This photo doesn’t show the sandwich unfortunately, but they were cute and delicious! 
The 2nd dish was an assortment of vegetable salad. If I knew it would come smothered in mayo (vegan mayo) I may have thought twice about ordering it. I’ve never been a fan of mayo, vegan or not. But that didn’t stop me from cleaning the plant and happily munching my vegetables.
 Motozo went for the veggie burger and he was a good sport about it being tiny! He said it was really good and commented about the cafe being better then another vegan cafe we frequent. 
The burger obviously wasn’t enough for him though, so he ordered a creamy vegetable soup and bread. I had a piece of his bread and it was awesome! Warm and fresh! 
I of course, went for dessert. A little fruit cake which turned out to be disappointingly dry and hard. It was a little tough to cut that at one point, as I was pushing the little fork into the thing, a big broken piece went flying  to the floor. Usually, I’d be very upset at my clumsiness, but this time I didn’t miss that piece one bit. 
With happy bellies we went to our nearest Karaoke place to sing our hearts out. Oh, yeah, bletch it out babe! 

Usually, we’d go for 2 hours, but tonight we kept it at 1. It is a school/work night after all. 
And that concludes our Wednesday evening. It’ll was great fun to do something in the middle of the week. Makes hump day feel like a weekend 🙂 
What did everyone else do yesterday? Do you like Karaoke? What songs are your favorite to sing?


5 thoughts on “Night Out On The Town.

  1. lil says:

    I LOOOVE karaoke as you know 😀 but max is not a fan, I think hes had enough of my screechy voice on regular days HEHEHE, but now he gets to hear me sing to baby ALL the time. Maybe we can do karaoke when you guys come!!! the cafe looks like decent food, but you start to realize how great home cooking can be, your food beats it all! You should get into soups maybe?
    nice organic manly beer, makes me want one actually.

  2. Hehe, I'm sure Max doesn't mind you singing to Amelie. In fact he probably finds it adorable!
    Yeah, if we have time we could do karaoke.
    Its great to eat out, but other times its easie to cook at home because I know exactly what I want and can make it. At a restaurant I always have to compromise a bit.

  3. Jesse says:

    Motozo looks good on this post, as in healthy. 😉 Congrats you two! Always healthy and a beautiful couple!

  4. randomgoods says:

    yea, motozo looks different somehow, dunno.
    Lol with that fruitcake just skip the tiny fork and put the whole thing in your mouth!
    ….the size of that hamburger is just….amazing.
    you guys a really cute pair 🙂

  5. Perhaps its my awesome photography skills that manages to capture Motozo's handsomeness! hahaha I wish!

    I agree with you Nina, I should have just used my fingers for the fruit cake.

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