Random things.

Bullet point day.

  • I hate raw onions.
  • I used to not be a breakfast eater (shock, unthinkable now!)
  • I’ve never been a pasta fan.
  • I’m quite a grouch until I have my morning coffee.
  • I hate decaf! (Ack, gag!)
  • I used to be a chocolate addict.
  • Finally, after 6 years, I now can honestly say I love running.
  • I was instantly infatuated with my husband the first time we met  5 years ago.
  • I should keep some thoughts to myself. (ie; Motozo: That’s a cute looking kid. Me: Really? I don’t think so.)
  • I’m obssessed with food blogs.
  • I hate the smell of eggs, pork and most female perfumes.
  • I love the smell of shaving cream and aftershave.
  • I’m terrified to swim in open water of sea creatures.
  • I’m a total dog person.
  • When I was a little girl (does that sound weird or what?!) I used to daydream that I had a pet Tiger.
  • I used to be dead certain I’d be a hairstylish.
  • I’m so glad I’m not.
  • I enjoy vacuuming, but hate dusting.
  • I love pickles.

2 thoughts on “Random things.

  1. lil says:

    haha how random, Also terrified of open water/sea creatures and seaweed lol! that' sright! You were such a great hairstylist…still are i'm sure!
    You are welcome to vacuum our place when you get here LOL/j/k

    Do you have a coffee plunger? I may need to get one as we have no cofee stuff

  2. Hehe, sure I'll vacuum your place for you. Honest, I will! 🙂
    Don't worry about the coffee plunger….so long as you have a cafe or something near by that I can pop into to get my daily fix.

    Ah, the days when I was into hair. Now I'm least high maintenance person ever when it comes to my hair.

    Oh, yeah SEAWEED! I have heart attacks if anything touches me in the ocean.

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