HO HO HO, Gingerbread Time!

I seem to be the only one in blog world who hasn’t done a string of post leading up to Christmas. I’ve had my fair share of holiday spirit around here though. Yesterday I spent a good few hours present shopping for my family and how much did I get done? 1 present completed! I’m a terrible shopper and find the experience so stressful and absolutely horrible. I love this season if only we weren’t obligated to buy stuff. I get serious anxiety over having to buy presents for every single one of my siblings, parents, and siblings wives/husbands. Argh, its just too much work and MONEY!
I swear, I’m persuading my mum that next year were drawing names and buying only that one person a present. So much easier and practical if you ask me! Besides, I don’t think the emphasis of receiving presents is all that healthy. Christmas should be all about spending quality time with family/family/pets etc.

Moto and I will not be exchanging gifts though as we are presents already to each other haha! Sorry, cheesy cheesy.
Earlier this month when the shops started playing their holiday tunes and putting out their holiday specials Moto and I had a little conversation that went something like this….

Me: “How about we get a little fake tree?”

Moto: “No, I’m Jewish.” (this coming from a man who eats pork and non-kosher food all year long!)

Me: “How about a reef then?”

Moto: “No, I’m not a Christian.”

Me: “How about we get one of those Japanese bamboo trees during New Years then?”

Moto: “Oh, yeah, thats fine.”

So that settled that. We have not one single Christmas decoration in the house and I’m perfectly OK with that 🙂 Luckily, we have not 1, but 2 Christmas tress in our building lobby to make up for the lack of Christmas decor in our place.  Photo turned out a little too dark, but this tree is quite tastefully decorated in my opinion. The ornaments are red and purple with one color light. The other tree’s decoration is all gold and just as beautiful. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to take a photo of it, so I only have this one to show.

I’ve been so busy today that I completely forgot that it’s Christmas Even until my sweet friend Miyabi called to wish me a lovely Christmas. The dear!

I decided it was time I get my holiday baking on. Vegan Gingerbread Man! Ooo, I had so much fun making these! I really should use cookie cutters more often.

Fingers crossed these little babies turn out!

Humm…fluffing up a little more then expected.

Oops, burnt the first batch!

Second batch, just right!

Almost too cute to eat!

I couldn’t help myself!

 Someone’s got to do the taste testing after all 🙂

 Comparison of the burnt and just right cookies. 

Mission accomplished! Tupperware full of baby gingerbread man ready to consume on Sunday with family! Do they look more like stars or what?
Shhhh, don’t tell them the burnt ones are at the bottom!

Tomorrow, on Christmas day I’ll be running and teaching yoga as usual. Immediately afterwards I need to do some serious shopping (hoping for special sales!) then present wrapping and an early bed. Were celebrating Christmas on the 26th with my family. I can’t wait to meet everyone.

Happy Holidays everyone. BIG HUGS AND KISSES!


2 thoughts on “HO HO HO, Gingerbread Time!

  1. lil says:

    ohh Merry Christmas! Those cookies look delicious! I loove burnt cookies, that type of burnt, extra crispy.
    Same with max and I with no decorations, we got a tiny white tree for us but that's about it, but now that amelie is here we're going to have to go all out on the next season. I do agree that it's not so much about the shopping/gifts but it's about the FOOD LOLOLOL! and the love and family of course HEHEHE.

    Looking forward to your party with family tomorrow, will try and catch you all on skype as you open presents :D.
    Like how you and motozo are presents to each other….the cheese is thick! LOLOL

  2. Liene says:

    Did you make your own pastry or you actually bought? I have been making mine for few year now, but always a bit late….like for NEWYEARS they are ready because from the recipes that I have you have to keep in in your fridge for few days/weeks before all the spices really do their job.
    Looks like you made yours in few hours!
    Merry Christmas again! Belated Christmas:)

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