Christmas Day In Photos.

Motozo and I celebrated Christmas with my family this year. Knowing there will be an abundance of food, I made sure I got in a run before heading out for the 1.5hr train ride. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.
It was a fabulous day full of laughter, hugs, and eating!

Waiting for Mum to pick us up. Someone is obsessed with his new Android phone.
WOOHOO, Look at mum driving! So proud of her for getting her license just recently!
A warm welcome from Jamie.
The happy family of 3. 

Aw! Jess and Kanon.

Younger sisters Jenny and Sherry. 

Lenon found my scarf and purse to be the most comfortable thing in the world! I wish I could take him home with me! The sweetest dog in the world! Lilia do you recognize the purse?

Present opening time. Total chaos and a huge wrapping paper mess occurred. 

Brother Jess seems happy with his gift from his wife. 

Kanon probably got the most presents out of everyone. 

 Mom got me a ton of cooking appliances. Moto is demonstrating my excitement for a pink hand blender 🙂
Sweet Dad! 
OO, what did you get Timmy?

Jamie and Timmy’s present from Rumi and Jess. Lets hope Nene survives longer than a year. 
Moto obviously enjoyed the hamster more then the boys. 

Sherry and I got busy in the kitchen baking a vegan chocolate cake. 
And vegan peanut butter cookies. 

Other delights Mom prepared. Sorry, no photos of the turkey.

I loved this stuffing! Mom made it vegan especially for me 🙂

My ginger breads were a big hit with mom and dad. The spices were more pronounced after sitting in my fridge for 2 days. 

Someone’s really excited for mashed potatoes. 
Even after being completely full with the main meal, I somehow managed to eat a slice of cake. 

Jamie smothered his slice with whip cream.
With major sugar highs the silliness started. 
Kanon showed us her excellent button pushing skills! 

And since no one wanted to move much after the large meal, a seated game of Unbalanced started. 

Dad showed me how to use the remote on my new camera. 

And that concludes our lovely day! We got home around 11:30pm. Totally exhausted and bellies still full.

It was so nice to spend the day with family and my everyone has grown so much! We missed Lilia/Max/Amelie in Aus, Joey/Cha/Jason in Toronto and Nina in China. We love you guys and hope you had a fabulous Christmas as well!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Day In Photos.

  1. lil says:

    ooooo nice pics! Great camera work. That cake looks really good too, and penut butter cookies…yuummmmm..kanon is such a cutie! Look at her pushing those buttons!! One of these days we need a christmas with everyone..imagine the wrapping paper and mayhem then! 🙂

    You look really nice, the hair is so long, straight and beautiful! I think grey suits you really well too!

  2. Chacha says:

    aww!! yes we definitely need to get everrryone together for a Christmas soon! it would be so much fun!!
    now we have three cousins who can all meet and play together! AW
    glad to see you all had a great Christmas!! Miss you all!! Have a happy new year 2011!!!

  3. 花 Hana says:

    Looks like you had a fantastic xmas. Lovely pictures. x

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