Homemade Raw Almond Butter

I did it! I made raw almond butter! I did some research on the easiest way to make it and I decided I’m not going to add any sweetener or oil etc. I’m just going to keep it simple for my first attempt at making almond butter.
It was SO easy! Required some patience standing in the kitchen for 20mins working my food processor till it got hot and tired. But it worked and I now have fabulous almond butter that I’m madly in love with!

This is definetely my favorite way to eat almonds now.

Before I get into the whole butter making process I wanted to show the awesome Engrish on my almond bag. Hehe, that got me laughing anyway.

Lets get started. All I needed was my food processor and something to scrap down the sides with.
Dumped a cup of almonds into the processor and admired its pure raw form. Seriously, toasted salted nuts are TOTALLY different from raw. Although I still eat toasted/salted nuts, I’m starting to prefer them raw.

Time to get processing. I have to press the lid down to get it moving. Its a bit of a pain. One day I’ll buy them fancy Cuisine processors. But for now, this little guy is serving me just fine!

Step one. Process almonds to a powder. I was only slightly tempted to abandon the butter and instead make cookies with my almond flour. I’m glad I continued with the butter.

After 5 minutes, things started looking promising! Things are clumping together! 

Even better! Occasionally, I stopped to scrap down the sides.

At this point, my processor is fogging up and the sides are very warm. But magic happens! I have a smooth paste baby! 

Just a couple more minutes to get it as smooth as possible. It was SO worth spending 20mins over! 

YAY! About 3/4 cups worth. It should last me for a couple of days. 

Getting super snap happy here.The photos do not do the real color of the butter justice! Its a lighter brown shade

I could not wait to test it out. Perfect with apples! The butter itself is a little bitter because I didn’t add anything, but its perfect with a sweet fruit.  This has been my go-to snack for the pass 2 days! I’m definitely going to making this regularly. Way cheaper then buying store bought almond butter and something about making my own makes me feel very accomplished!

Ooo, now I’m thinking…..cashew butter, walnut butter, macadamia butter….:)


4 thoughts on “Homemade Raw Almond Butter

  1. lil says:

    oh yummmm!! totally agree with raw nuts, roasted/salted tastes good but not for all the time. nice nail polish job too 😀

  2. I had my nails done. I felt I deserved something nice. 🙂 Especially because I haven't had a professional manicure done in a year!

  3. Nina says:

    mmmm the almond butter looks delicious!
    I have a question, can you make almond butter with regular almonds,aka salted or toasted? because i have a suspicion you can't…

  4. Yes, you can. A lot of people do it that method and add some sweetener in the process.
    Try it and let me know how it goes. I'm guessing there are other factors that might effect the outcome. How old the nuts are, if you stored them in a cool dry place or not, how good your food processor is etc.

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