Australia Part 1

We are back in Tokyo from our wonderful 10 day trip to Australia. Although, slightly more tired then we left. Motozo and I never seem to learn and cram a bit too much into our holidays. Or perhaps the over night flight took more out of us then we expected and it carried over throughout the trip. With dark circles under our eyes, we reminisce of our fabulous holiday with loads and loads of pictures! I’m planning to break it up into 2 day posts rather then combine all the photos into one album. I think its more fun to to see photos with a little story behind it.

Many hugs and kisses to my dear sister Lilia for hosting us at her place! Maxim, thanks for adjusting the TV for the sports channel probably more times then you’d have liked and special thanks to Amelie for being her perfect happy self. I miss my little niece to bits already!
We did a lot in the few days there, but the best thing for me was spending time with my sister and having long talks together. I wish you lived closer!

Going back to day 1. Lots of waiting and sitting on our butts. Motozo eagerly waiting for the bus to the airport.

Getting a little impatient. Waiting at the airport to board our plane. There’s pros and cons for an overnight flight. But basically plane rides are kind of rough for me. I hardly sleep and food is absolutely horrible. I packed myself fruits, nuts etc, but upon arriving in Syd I had to promptly throw them away before going through customs because of Aus’s strict rules. I was very sad to depart from my bag of dates.

The dates were soon forgotten after arriving at my sisters and greeted by her husband Maxim and their adorable and beautiful child Amelie! Words can not describe how lovely she is!

Volki, was not too happy with our visit which meant he was banned from our room downstairs due to my cat allergies and the poor dear seems to have some stomach issue that has him vomiting randomly.The handsome cat was bit on the thin side and did not seem himself at all. Age must be taking a toll on him. I hope he gets better soon!

Aw, too sweet! You can see where Amelie gets her eyes. Despite being really tired, I felt revived after seeing my sister and Amelie that we ended up talking for a few hours outside on their veranda before taking a nap. Amelie is not too sure about me yet, but she warmed up soon enough.

After waking up from my nap we went grocery shopping and I ooed and ahhed at all the things that are non existent in Japan.We loaded up on tons of fruits (a whole box of mango’s and cherries), veggies, and other goodies.


Dinner was delicious and simple. I don’t remember exactly, but I’m sure dinner was followed by cherries and mango’s.


Day 2: Woke up really late at 12pm! I guess were still on Japan time which would be 10AM. I felt I could have slept longer, but the sun was calling me out for a run. I ran around their block 7xs which was almost exactly 1k and finished up 3k on a treadmill in the air conditioned gym. It felt great to exercise and I finally felt like my semi normal self.

Motozo wanted to go to the beach so we packed ourselves in the over sized van that we rented and drove to Manly Beach.

Beautiful beach with a nice shaded sea walk to walk on. Motozo was in beach heaven, but food was on our minds. We went to a nice sea food restaurant with out door seating.

I had bruschetta and a salad that wasn’t special enough to photograph, but I was satisfied.

Moto and his prawns.


Lil and Max’s sea food platter. This thing was huge!

With tummy’s full we went down to the beach. Moto tested out the water and wasn’t too sure how wet he wanted to get.


Time to take couple photos.


We took a nice walk and rewarded ourselves with ice-cream. It was a pleasant day! Perfect weather with a nice cool breeze and lovely company.

And that’s a very simple and brief description of our first 2 days. I must brave the cold now and get a run in. How funny that just a few days ago I was running outside in shorts and sleeveless shirts. I now need to bundle up to stay warm.
Stay tuned for day 3-4.


One thought on “Australia Part 1

  1. lil says:

    oh wow good work with the post and recalling everything too! Nice write up and pics. It was really nice having you both! The pic of you in the car and me in the bg is most likely the one and only time we will look “alike” LOLOL

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