Welcome to my new blog. I don’t know if I will stay on this particular blog or not, but in the mean time…this place will have to do. I’m pretty helpless with computers/the web and find WordPress to be a lot more complicated then Blogger and figuring out how to make the most of this blog isn’t exactly what I call fun.

I don’t like this template, nor can I post photos in the way I like. But the good thing is, if I am patient, I’m sure this blog will be a lot more pretty then the last one. It’s just going to take me some time to figure everything out. WordPress gives me more options to play around and adjust the blog which is nice once I get the hang of it.

With a new blog, its time to announce some other news.  (take a deep breath) I’m pregnant!

There I’ve said it. I’ve been keeping this secret for 2 months and its kind of nice that I don’t have to keep it in anymore. Not that I was dying to tell people. On the contrary, I needed the time to come to terms with the unexpected/unplanned situation, and now that I’ve more or less accepted my future of stress marks, fat thighs, big belly, and a mini person in my life, I feel its alright to tell people.

Lets get to the juicy details I know everyone can’t wait to know.

I do NOT have a pregnancy glow to me. I’m VERY realistic about pregnancy and mother hood.  I’ve spent the better part of my childhood caring for my siblings and come adulthood most of my jobs were childcare related. I worked at preschool for of 2 years, a children’s gym for 2 years etc. Children are not a novelty to me. If you grew up in my situation of being surrounded by babies you wouldn’t have a rosy view of children or mothers either. Its freakin hard work and life will never be the same. But despite my negative view of parenthood, I do realize that most if not all parents I know are extremely happy with their bundle of work and wouldn’t dream of changing the pass or can’t imagine their life any other way. So please bear with me on my negativity. I’m hoping I will fall in love with my child when its born and be happy. In the mean time, I’m entitled to not being particularly excited about my future. Judge if you want. But I’m representing the minority of pregnant females who don’t find pregnancy to be absolutely wonderful.

I take each day as it comes and deal with things the best I can. I have good days and I have bad days. On the bad days, nothing anyone says about how wonderful becoming a mother is will make me feel better. On good days, I can agree that life isn’t so bad, but I’ve still yet to feel that elation and excitement.  I have two emotions,  1. Absolutely dreading the future, 2. Accepting of the future, but not in any way happy.

Things that make me love pregnancy (Not)

1. Ouch boobs growing every day. Please do not bump into me or look at me strangely if I suddenly cup my breasts because of the pain.

2. Not being able to drink alcohol even though I’ve never been much of a drinker. 1 glass is usually enough for me, but I do like wine and I miss it! I don’t enjoy social situations where everyone but me is drinking.

3. My acute sense of smell. More things than not smell horrible to me! Garlic, onions, and surprise surprise meat and fish I detest even more! If you just finished eating Chinese food, McDonald’s, Eggs etc, I will know and I will not appreciate it if you talk to me get close to me. My dream world would smell of cucumbers, lemons, and apples. ah, now those are nice smells!

4. Carb cravings. Give me bread, any ol’ bread, and just stick it on my thighs. I expect to become a big fat loaf of bread after these 9 months are over.

5. Bottomless hunger that’s making me expand in all directions. When pregnant females say they are hungry and eat more than you’ve ever seen them eat before, it’s not because they are using it as a good excuse to eat. NO, we really are HUNGRY, and cravings really do exist. Be nice and offer us your food. And when we want a tomato, do not give us a plum, give us a God damn tomato.

6. Hormones that make me feel like an adolescent teenager. Pimples? check. Crying for no particular reason? check. Sore and growing boobs? check. Sudden curves around the hips? check. How glamorous I feel!

7. Some discomforts when running. I get cramps. They aren’t the “I’ve just had meal” type of side cramp, but rather a cramp in the uterus. I usually get it about 30mins into running and am forced to slow down. I also get out of breath easier which makes me feel really out of shape! I never used to get out of breath climbing stairs!

8. Having to go to the bathroom every hour of the day and night.

There’s more. But I want to end this post on a positive note.

Some pro’s about pregnancy.

1. Uber strong nails growing faster than I can maintain them!

2. Nice healthy looking hair. But I’m not quite sure I can thank pregnancy for this because my hair started looking really healthy after getting into raw food last year.

3. Feeling justified to buy all organic. My health is #1!

humm….and thats about it. Less pro’s then con’s at the moment, but maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to add a 4th.


5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. lil says:

    yay welome to wordpress. I’d use flickr to upload photos , then just copy and paste the code, you’ll figure it out I’m sure. Nice work so far! Even managed to import your old posts :D:D

    Congratulations!! You know how excited your big sister is already.
    “I expect to become a big fat loaf of bread after these 9 months are over.” LOL
    You have a healthy view of parenthood, it’s very realistic and you definitely won’t be surprised by anything bad, you’re also not in the minority I imagine, most pregnancies are not planned and I think most don’t know what’s happening or how or what to expect until it actually happens.
    I hope the very best for your surprise and a nice happy healthy wee one!

  2. Liene says:

    I am very happy for you!
    And you WILL find your 4th and 5th etc as time goes by and then many more later on…
    I agree that pregnancy is not always the best part of becoming and being mother, but it does give your life different perspective…and you will find it.

  3. Mia says:

    What a surprise, Meg! As soon as I read you were preggo I grabbed my phone but I must have an old Congratulations!
    Don`t worry about not enjoying your pregnancy, you`ll find a huge majority of women don`t. I`m one of them too and I`m OH SO happy I`m done with all that. So just gambatte and sacrifice this one year… cause being a parent is the best of all.

  4. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments! Please welcome me into your mommy world 🙂

    No matter how many times I hear it, it’s always comforting and reassuring when mothers say parenthood is the best thing ever….despite nasty pregnancy. Thank you thank you for your wonderful insights! Mia, I’ll give you a call soon. I’d love to chat.

    Liene, lunch anytime soon? I’m free next week.

    Lilia, I’ll try the Picasa to upload photos. Still need to finish uploading the massive photo album of Australia!

  5. Nina says:

    wowie! Preggers time! Going to have a whole lot of fun with the blog posts, all these hormonal things and the like, but best of all would be your food adventures.
    Congrats Meg, even if it’s not something you want to be congratulated for.
    mwah mwah! Lots of kisses and hugs to you!

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