Australia Part 3

Last night when I proudly showed Motozo how I successfully moved my blog to a new hosting site and finally figured out the photo posting function, instead of congratulating me, he asked “Where’s the Australia Photos?”

So I suppose I should post those before it gets too old and boring.

Going back to day 4 we got up bright and early and drove out to Hunter Valley to do wine tasting. It’s a beautiful place and Lilia and Max did an awesome job booking a nice hotel and getting us a wine tour guy.

We wasted no time at all. The guy picked us up at our hotel and drove us to wine cellar #1.

We started off with white.

Before anyone has a chance to attack me for going on a wine tasting tour being pregnant and all….let me just assure you that by the end of the day I was VERY much acquainted with the spitting bowl. Much to my displeasure! As proof, my sister has a photo of me spitting on her blog.

I remember I found out I was pregnant only days after we booked this wine tour. I was devastated and really bitter of my sudden luck (trying very hard not to say “bad” luck). But eventually I got over it and was alright with tasting and spitting. I had sneaky swallows here and there and my God, wine taste so much better when swallowed! It was just embarrassing that I was the ONLY one spitting.

The amount of wine we tasted was amazing! We tasted at least 6-7 whites and then started on the reds.

Notice how Amelie is eyeballing the wine? Cheers!

I don’t really remember the names and only a few really stuck out to me. I think I was preoccupied with figuring out a way to spit gracefully and lady like more then anything.  I certainly enjoyed taking tons of photos though. Be prepared for a slew of wine photos! And I’m not even showing you half of what I took.

On to wine cellar #2. At this point were all wondering if anyone will explain to us the wine making process. Its very different here (as opposed to France) in that there is no talk of the history behind Hunter Valley, how the grapes are tended for, and when and how they are harvested etc. We were curious about that, but unless we asked specific questions we only had the wine explained to us. What it goes well with and the flavor etc.

Max was dying to eat these and kept wishing a shop would dish out a few grapes for our tasting pleasure.

We walked out of each shop with a bottle under our arms, so by the end of the day we had about 5 bottles per couple.

Time for lunch. We were starving! This restaurant was very nice to make me a special big salad with lots of add ins. I had bruschetta (I had a lot on the trip!) on the side as well. This was so delicious that I kept dreaming about it during the rest of our time in Aus!

I think everyone else was pleased with their meal as well.

Immediately after lunch it was time for more and more wine tasting! Is Maxim looking a little tipsy?

Motozo and I got a kick out of one bottle called Phil Ryan. We have an Australian friend living in Tokyo with that very name! I bet you can guess what bottle we bought at this place.

Around now we felt our taste buds were completely shot. All the wine flavors started gelling together and we weren’t too sure which we liked or didn’t like.

We had to visit an organic winery though! This place was pretty cool with other organic items sold also in the shop. Chocolate covered goji berries and jams etc.

They also put out a bunch of chardonnay grapes for tasting! These were delicious! A little sour with just the right amount of sweetness!

My favorite: Rose! We bought a bottle of this and were saving it for when I can start drinking again. 🙂

Then it was time for cheese and chocolate tasting.

Looking for vegan chocolates. I found a nice ginger chocolate.

Don’t you want it!?

Back to the hotel we went. It was SUPER hot so Motozo got a little swim in. Dips anyone?

ACK he got me!

Look closely. There’s a body in the air. Motozo doing some sort of strange jump into the water ha.

More upper body workouts.

Being silly on our way to dinner.

The only sister photo I took on the whole trip! I’m kicking myself now for not taking more!

Happy with my mocktail.

Lilia had to take a break from wine.

The food photos didn’t turn out so good, so unfortunately, none to show. Lots of breakfast photos though!  Stay tuned.

I need to figure out how to post these photos up faster. Since I still have thousand more photos I want to show, I’m going to get lazy and start putting the photos up in a slideshow/gallery format instead of adding along a story.

Have a lovely day everyone. Off to a prenatal yoga class  🙂

Question of the day: Do you prefer Red or White wine?

Every since our trip to France I’ve grown very fond of red. But in hot weather white taste better.


2 thoughts on “Australia Part 3

  1. lil says:

    ahaha, good times! don;t we have another one of us next to opera house? they probably didn’ turn out too well…in that case don’t post lol!
    poor thing had to spit, but no one noticed, it was quite discreet 🙂

    I like the one with motozo jumping in the pool! hilarious.
    On please keep doing the stories, it’s so fun! But I know what you mean by being lazy.
    The food shots are awesome, makes me hungry again.

    I should post more pics of you…will scour through tonight actually!

  2. No, don’t worry. YOu don’t have to post photos of me. I’m only choosing the ones I want of myself up from what Motozo and you took of me 🙂

    Yes, you’re right. We have one more photo of us at the opera house. I just noticed that while resizing photos today. Unfortunately, those photos have major back light so our faces are dark. 😦

    If you like the stories, then maybe I’ll continue. hehe

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