Australia Part 4

I am on a roll! 2 posts in one day!

Day 5:

After an hour morning run I had a good appetite and the breakfast buffet in the hotel did not disappoint. What I loved about the buffet was the expensive juicer they had out for customers to use freely. First time ever to see this at a hotel! I was so happy to have fresh juice of carrot, celery and orange.

I filled up 3 plates. Fruit bowl, nut and dried fruit, and roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. Of course, a nice dark coffee, my juice, and water. Yum, full and satisfied! I also grabbed a few whole apples and put them in my bag just in case I get hungry during the 2 hour drive back to Sydney.

Before breakfast we noticed the hotel had a ping pong table. Motozo was super excited and couldn’t wait to try it. We all ended up enjoying it so much we were late to check out.

After warming up we decided to play a serious game. We competed against the winner and Motozo hogged that titled the whole time. Moto Vs Lilia.

Moto vs Maxim. Not long into the game Max’s shorts tore right down the center showing ample amount of thigh. The more he got into the game the larger the rip got and more thigh we saw.  At one point Moto even mentioned that Max’s thigh was quite distracting. Lilia and I were cracking up so hard and kept trying to distract Moto by shouting “Thigh thigh!” It worked for a little while, but Moto still won the game. I haven’t laugh that hard in so long! It felt good!

I actually have a full body shot of Maxim showing off his ripped shorts. I wasn’t sure Lilia would approve of that photo being posted up on the net, so I’m waiting to get her consent. 🙂

The drive back to Sydney and the rest of the day is kind of blur now. I think Moto and I went to the mall, had lunch and did some shopping. We relaxed in the evening with a few games of chess.

Day 6:

EARLY, 4AM early, Moto and I were up to catch our plane to Melbourne. The 2nd reason why we went to Australia was to see the Australian Open! We booked tickets to watch the games and planned 3 days down there.

Melbourne for some reason was freezing when we arrived, but we immediately liked the city. It has a European feel to it. Lots of greenery and outdoor cafes (love).  Around noon we arrived and checked into our hotel. I was on a mission to find food ASAP! Found a nearby cafe that served huge portions. The camera doesn’t show it well, but this plate was larger than my head! I got 2 salads, grilled veggies on the right and raw tomato/cucumber salad on the left.  It was really filling just by its sheer portion!

Motozo ordered soup large enough for me to swim in! He also had a huge bowl of veggies which he was only able to eat a quarter of.

We were a little cold and exhausted from our early morning traveling, so we contemplated taking a nap. But after walking around a bit we got interested in the city and wanted to see more. So we roamed.

Much to our delight the stadiums were only a 15min walk away from where we were staying.  Started getting excited seeing these flags!

Cute trams that run through the city.

Along the way to the stadium is this beautiful river that has the BEST running course ever! Too bad I didn’t take advantage of it. I was so tired the whole time in Melbourne and couldn’t imagine running. I made up for it with lots of walking though. If we ever go back there, I SO need to run here!

Rod Laver Area! Woohoo! We were like little children jumping up and down with excitement and we completed forgot how tired we were. We got some general admission tickets which allowed us to roam the tennis grounds (everywhere but 1 main tennis course) and watched lots of different games going on.

I never explained how we got into tennis. Basically, Motozo introduced me to it. He played quite frequently a few years back and he’s a pretty good player. My tennis extends as far as the TV. I learned all the rules from him and from our dating days always watched the 4 Grand Slams on TV. Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, & US Open.  Besides running and triathlon, its my next favorite sport to watch.

Our favorite tennis player is Roger Federer (on the right). Him and Serena were the champions last year in Australian Open. Unfortunately, this year, neither were winners.

We spent the whole afternoon wandering in and out of games. Got to see a few pretty good players.  Too bad I didn’t put my larger camera lens on!

We were really excited to see Francesca Schiavona. It was a long and tense game, but unfortunately, we both got super sleeper and figured it was a good time to leave since we were struggling to keep our eyes open.

Back at our hotel I felt like ordering room service. Its a bit of a shame that we didn’t go out to eat as Melbourne has some really great places to eat, but we were so tired and I was about to chew my arm off.

Motozo ordered a simple fish and chips.

I surprised myself by eating a vegan Gnocchi. It was not my first choice and I actually had a conversation on the phone with the head chef about this meal.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really not a pasta or noodle person. I totally prefer rice or bread over pasta any day. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any vegan options on the room service menu, but the chef said he could make me a nice pasta dish. Why is pasta ALWAYS the dish that chefs say they can make vegan? Seriously, its boring and not special at all! I tried to persuade him to make me a large salad and rice on the side, but he thought the pasta would be better. I was too tired to argue with him and gave in to the pasta.

It was pretty good though I have to say.

Thankfully there was steamed broccolini on the side. A meal doesn’t feel complete for me unless there are vegetables.

We fell asleep watching tennis on TV and magically woke to the TV turned off in the morning.

Question of the day: Which do you prefer? Pasta, Rice, or Bread?


4 thoughts on “Australia Part 4

  1. Mia says:

    Ripped pants must have been hilarious! Wagamama store is pretty good too. It really does have a European look, interesting. And are those food sizes normal?! On the one tennis match photo, the bald mans head really catches the eye, lol.

  2. hah, that’s hilarious that I didn’t notice that mans head at all! I should look for a better photo or crop that head out. 🙂

  3. Lil says:

    Gnocci is potato i thought… I think I’d take bread over pasta. Melb looks awesome think we need to visit one of these days.

  4. Meg says:

    There are different types of Gnocchi. Potato, wheat, bread crumbs. That one was made with wheat.
    Yeah, you should visit one day. I think you’ll really like it.

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