Australia Part 5

Day 6:

I planned a run, but ended up sleeping until 10AM. The problem with running in Aus is the short window of opportunity when its cool and comfortable outside. By 10am the sun is beating down really hard. In Melbourne there were so many runners and even business men going out for a jog/brisk walk during their lunch break. It’s great they are so active, but I can’t understand how they can run outside in the hottest time of the day.

Breakfast! We found a cute restaurant around the corner from our hotel. Mmmm…coffee! Much-needed!

I ordered fruit salad minus the yogurt. It was divine! Strawberries, plum, apple, and mango.

And a side of fresh spinach and roasted tomato.

Since our tennis tickets were for the evening matches, we had half the day left to explore the city. We read in a magazine somewhere that Chapel street has loads of boutique shops and nice eateries. So we hoped onto a few trams and made our way down there.

This man behind me had some sort of skin disorder and started scratching like crazy. It disturbed me to no end, especially because I could see his skin flying everywhere(!) so I insisted we get off a few blocks early and walk.

Chapel street was interesting, but not mind-blowing. We learned only a few days in Aus that the country is not cheap. Shopping in Japan is actually cheaper, so we only window shopped. It was a nice walk though and a good excuse to ride the trams.

We did a little workout in our hotel room when we got back and looked for an early dinner. We had to try Wagamama!  The interior was really funky and cool. They had a lots of veggie friendly things.

I put the huge lens on the cam for the tennis games, so it was a bit tricky taking photos in the restaurant. I had to back up a lot to get this shot.

On our way to the stadiums I spotted an awesome poster! Lettuce dress! 🙂

At the stadium I found dairy and gluten-free ice-cream! YAY!

While waiting for our game to start, we hopped into a smaller court to watch David Ferrer. In a later game he ended up beating the #1 player Nadal. HUGE upset!

Getting himself cozy with a frozen margarita.

First match. Samantha Vs Vera. Sam had the crowd in her favor playing in her own country. It was a good game which Sam won in the end.

Next up Del Potro Vs Marcos Baghdatis. We thought Del Potro would win, but knew Baghdatis wouldn’t make it easy for him. We were wrong through!

Marcos was definitely the better player that evening and deserved his win. But his fans were so irritating! The chair umpire had to keep asking them to be quite during the serves, but they kept treating the game like a soccer match.

Too bad! I was rooting for Potro!

The moon came out for us that night. Showing off its full moon glory.

Watching tennis live is so different from on TV! I soon noticed that they have to run around a lot more than it seems. You can hear the players breath and their shoes squeaking on the court.  I loved it!


2 thoughts on “Australia Part 5

  1. lil says:

    wow really nice capture of the moon! it’s usually really difficult to get!You look great, love the one in the cute!
    and the fruit salad looks really nice. I’m glad ferera didn’t win this time around, it was fun seeing djokovic win, we actually bet on him! We’re now going to start following the grandslams me thinks!

  2. Meg says:

    Oh, cool! you totally should!
    We watched half the finals together online and then Motozo went to the sports bar to watch it on a proper TV. We had Wow wow channel only to watch tennis until we realized its kind of a waste of money. But I’m missing it when ever one of the Grand Slams come around.
    You bet on Djokovic? wow
    We were rooting for Murry. 😦

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