Special 14

I am officially into my 2nd Trimester as of yesterday! First 3 months are over! I actually find counting by the weeks easier, so I’m 14 weeks.  I celebrated by making a batch of healthy Banana Raisin Oatmeal Cookies.

I realized this morning that I ate 14 cookies yesterday. Not deliberately of course. hehe

Thank God they are tiny bit size pieces! And did I mention healthy?

I followed this recipe http://peasandthankyou.com/2009/12/08/the-why-and-the-how/

Sorry, I still haven’t found the insert link function, so if you want to see the recipe then you need to copy and paste.

They were SUPER easy to make, not too sweet and very filling (unless you only eat 1-3 like a non pregnant person would).

I followed up on the 14 weeks celebration today by running 14k in 1:08. Not too shammy! I still can run under 5min pace! YES!  I’m supposed to be taking it easy and running at a moderate pace, so it was very comforting to know that 5 minute pace is still moderate for me. We’ll see how long that last for. My running has definitely gotten slower and the cramps I get are super irritating!

Want to see something pretty? Let me warm you though, if you are eating or have a strange aversion to feet, then do not look down below.

Why oh why do my feet get this brown after my run? I suppose it has to do with running on the dirt trail in Yoyogi park. But still….only recently my feet started attracting dirt like no other time! At least it’s not blood…..

This will be my before photo…..lets see how much swelling I get the farther into my pregnancy. So far, no swelling. humm…I think it’s time to redo the nail polish at least.

I’m a nerd and my 14 week celebration didn’t stop here.  I did 14 Sun Salutations!  Of course, I can not forget yoga!

I doubt I’ll be able to increase my running distance (although I am going to try for as long as I can 🙂 ) every week, but I’m pretty positive that I can continue doing yoga. So every week I’ll be celebrating by doing 1 extra salutation. Anyone care to join me on this challenge?


3 thoughts on “Special 14

  1. lil says:

    yay congratulations on your 14th week! Deliberately eat for sure lol I saw in the documentary that the more you eat, the more the baby will think that there is a nice easy going environment outside and will be less inclined to store fat when he comes out (aka. less prone to obesity :D) You’re active so it won’t do any damage to you.

    eww for the feet. I thought you ran on paved stuff? Does it make a difference between running in dirt/paved?

  2. Mia says:

    Eww, I wasn`t expecting that when you mentioned `pretty`. How many shoes do you go through?
    Edema is worse in summer months and you`ll be about 7 or 8 months(?) right about the time swelling usually starts. 😦 It`s worse in summer Because you tend to drink more; with Raiden I stretched out all my shoes. Some women don`t swell at all though, or they get a shot for it but I`m not sure how safe those are.

  3. ha, I was being sarcastic Mia.
    I go through around 2 running shoes a year. Sometimes less….yeah, they get very brown.

    I’m due in Aug 3rd, so I’ll spend most of my pregnancy in warm weather. Not looking forward to it in the least bit because I’m a total atsugari! Even now Moto’s still putting on the heaters and I seem to be the only one finding it very warm. It feels like spring already!

    I’ve heard of raw pregnant mums who don’t swell, so I’m hoping to keep my food majority raw in the last tri to minimize swelling.

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