Showing? Ramblings & Birthing Plan

Yesterday while teaching Yoga, one of my students and running buddies whispered “You have a tiny belly now.” while gesturing with her hands a belly bump. I told her I felt huge and she repeated, “Its tiny!” Obviously not tiny enough for her to not notice though.

I do not feel tiny. I just feel fat and I’m not liking it. Just a few days ago I started noticing that in certain clothing, I definitely have a belly. Tiny or not, I’m not used to having a belly, so I find it really disturbing. It’s frustrating being in this stage where I’m not big enough to actually look pregnant, but definitely bigger then my usual self that I worry people (who don’t know I’m pregnant) will think I’ve just gained weight. Ugh, pregnancy!

One thing a student said to me made me smile though. After congratulating me he said, “It’s too bad you won’t be able to teach the whole time though. Will you come back to teach after the baby is born?” Ben, you really made my day! And yes, I promise to teach again eventually. It’s frustrating not knowing exactly when I will have to stop teaching yoga and when I can go back to teaching.

Motozo and I talked about it that evening and the dear said he’ll happily care for the kid on Saturdays so I can teach and we’ll hire a nanny for my weekday class 🙂 Of course, I know it’s not as simple as hiring a nanny, but I am quite determined to go back to my semi normal routine as soon as its possible. We’ll see, we’ll see.

In awesome, wonderful and  fabulous news! I feel 100% better! Right around the cusp of the 2nd trimester I started feeling like my normal self. I have an enormous boost of sudden energy and my moods are WAY more stable. If I didn’t actually have this “belly” then I wouldn’t even feel pregnant. Its fabulous! So far, what all the pregnancy books say about the 2nd trimester being easier has been true. The first trimester I was quite fatigued and cranky all the time. I didn’t notice HOW tired I was though until now when I have something to compare with.

Plans for the day:

1. Sit down with Motozo to discuss and write-up a draft of a birthing plan. I have to submit my birthing plan at my next appointment, so it’ll be nice to get it done sooner rather than later.  Question for you mothers out there. Did you write a birthing plan? Did your plan go as planned? Or was your “plan” completely derailed due to sudden circumstances? I have a pretty good idea of how I want things to be during labor, but I’m trying to keep an open mind and understand that somethings will be completely out of control and the Birthing Plan may be abandoned.

2. Go shopping for clothing that successfully hides my bump and makes me look slimming. Ha, good luck there!

3. Try my best not to mention how fat I feel. (you can do it Meg!)

And now to go dig into my current obsession. Sunflower butta! Another great buy in Australia. I love it!

I wish they sold this in Japan! I think I could make sunflower butter myself though. Oo, that would be a fun challenge.

For some reason it looks really gray in the photo. On the right, sunflower butter. On the left, hummus. mmmm, yum!


5 thoughts on “Showing? Ramblings & Birthing Plan

  1. lil says:

    hehe dont worry so much about this stage, it’s annoying because you want to tell everyone this isn’t fat, it’s pregnancy! but in the end it doesn’t really matter AND it doesn’t last WILL certainly get fatter! OH SO FAT LOL

    I guess it’s good to make a birth plan so you have a strategy and know what you want. I didn’t really make any written plan but just wanted to make sure I didn’t get to the hospital too early …course that didn’t even go to plan. We did plan that if I did need pain relief that it would start from gas > pills > morphine > epidural last resort…so I ended up going through the entire spectrum LOLOL

    I think plan your brain incase of emergencies or complications as long as that sucker gets out healthy! All the rest is just good for when everything goes as expected (I don’t think it ever does).

  2. Mia says:

    Never wrote it down but with the last 2 discussed what I wanted, what I wanted in case of emergencies, and what I didn`t want. With Natalie everything went (as far as births go) perfect, with Raiden it was a week of everything gone wrong. Best to make a plan and try to stick to it.
    About clothes, I think it`s so much more cute to wear clothing that makes you look preggo like a skin tight shirt with a big fetus printed on the belly.

  3. Yeah, I have a rough plan. The hospital gave us a sheet for a birthing plan to fill out. One at 16 weeks and another at 33 weeks. Ridiculous questions heavily Japlish like “How do you think to be a mother, delivery, and your baby?” Or “How do you prepare for your new life with your baby?” “Who will help your child rearing?”
    Umm….I seriously have no idea how to answer those questions. I feel like if I write something “wrong” they are going to call child services.

  4. Oh, and about the clothes. Yeah, I think tight clothes look better too, but only when the belly is large enough to look pregnant. My stomach is still too small to wear tight clothes and pull it off as anything but a pot belly look.

  5. lil says:

    haha with a fetus on it. good one! the questions must be hilarious in japrish, I don’t think they care what you answer, they probably just want you to think about it incase it hasn’t crossed your mind lol…you know, if the whale status doesn’t remind you of your status as impending mother lol

    the birthing classes we went to they covered all sorts of dorky questions like what if your partner was away, do you have a backup in mind etc…and are you goign to call a taxi or ambulence…they said don’t rely on taxi! cuz taxis here suck lol.
    I also tried to wear super tight ‘showing’ clothes, and the fact that boobies are gynormous, wear those dresses that maek you look pregnant even when you’re not, and you’ll be good to go 😀

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