Australia Part 8

For our 2nd to last day in Aus, Moto was itching to go to the beach. Bondi beach specifically. I heard many things about Bondi, mainly negative.  Most locals aren’t so fond of it. Too touristy they say. I didn’t really care, it was my first time and Motozo wanted to see how much it changed since the last time he visited it many years ago.

Touristy, yes. But the water and sand was beautiful so I enjoyed it quite a bit. Motozo was so happy to get a dip in while I munched on snacks and snapped pictures.  With my open water/sea creature phobia I have to be in the right mood to get into the water. Today I appreciating the view.

We went for a walk along the sea wall.  Gorgeous! But with no shade on the walk way I started feeling the effects of the strong sun and we had to turn around.  If it was later in the day then I’d have loved to walk for hours on that wall.

Later in the day we met up with an old friends of Motozo’s. About 10 years ago when he visited Aus he stayed for about a month at Teresa’s place right in front of Bondi. She moved since to a larger house, but still very close to the beach, so she drove over for a quick swim. She’s very athletic. She used to do triathlon herself, but now just swims and is a damn good swimmer! I watched as she kicked Moto’s butt in the water! ha

She then invited us over for a drink at her beautiful house! I had a bottle of coconut water. Ah, refreshing!

A tour of her house and Motozo and I were wishing we were the happy owners. She has this huge veranda with a gorgeous view of the harbor!

Nice meeting you Teresa! And hope it works out to see you and your partner in April when you visit Tokyo.

That evening back at Max and Lil’s, we decided to go out for Thai for our last dinner together.

Amelie is dressed in her very best! Aunty Meg gave her this when she was born and it fits her perfectly now.


Delicious meal with lovely company.

Gosh, our time in Aus flew by! sniff sniff!


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